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Bangkok plays hosts to Asia’s largest gay circuit parties. gCircuit and WHITE PARTY BANGKOK both call Bangkok home. Each hosts a number of parties over 3 days and is attended by 10s of thousands of gay men, most of whom travel internationally to attend the event. gCircuit takes place during the Thai holiday of Songkran in April while the WHITE PARTY takes place over New Year.

Bangkok has a number of event party organizers. The city’s hottest gay and queer events are hosted by:

G-Spot Entertainment – hosting everything from amazing gay pool parties to sophisticated drag nights.

Trasher Bangkok – What’s we do at Trasher? We party, We dress up, We dance, We sing, We drink, We get drunk, and if we get laid that’s a plus. Read more about Trasher origins here.

Go GrrrlsWe are a group of queers who share the same love of party and pop music. We aim to bring the best of disco – pop – hiphop tunes to kill the dancefloor for all 24 hour party people. (LGBT, Androgynous, Straight or whoever you are, all welcome!)

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