Gay Thailand.

What's it really like?

Gay Thailand has something to offer every gay traveler with hotels to match every budget and destinations to meet all your desires, from epic parties to deserted beaches. Gay Bangkok, the center of gay Thailand, offers neon parties both trendy and sleazy as well as all the palaces, temples, shopping malls, and all tourist attractions you could need.

Thailand is famed for spectacular tropical islands, white sandy beaches but also for its unique culture including the well exported Thai food and Thai massages. Recently the country has become known as a party destination especially with the world-renowned full moon parties happening on Koh Phangan and Bangkok’s nightlife. While Thailand is still a relatively developing country the kingdom features a modern and vibrant capital city, Gay Bangkok as well as the other developed cities and tourist towns of Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Gay Chiang Mai, the capital of northern Thailand offers a laid-back city scene, great for culture and relaxing but with a small party scene. Gay Pattaya, a tourist seaside town located only 2 hours from Bangkok is famous for Thailand’s seedy redlight fun. Koh Samet is a quiet tropical island that provides white sandy beaches, only 2 hours away from Bangkok. Koh Samet turns into a crazy gay beach retreat on the weekends and especially public holidays with local Bangkokians. Phuket in the south of Thailand is the country’s most visited and famous tourist destination. Pick your hotel wisely in Phuket as the island offers both quiet beaches and a party experience for those staying in Pattaya.  For those looking to escape check out the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao, these islands offer world-class beaches in a lied back paradise.


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Gays and the Law

In terms of public tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries across Asia. As with many countries, acceptance of LGBT individuals is more widespread in urban areas, such as Bangkok and the major tourist cities.

Male and female same-sex activity is legal in Thailand however gay marriage is not legal yet. Bangkok Post reports that “…while Thailand is viewed as a tourist haven for same-sex couples, the reality for locals is that the law, and often public sentiment, is not so liberal.” LGBT residents of Thailand and Bangkok are not offered the equal legal protections offered to non-LGBT (straight) people.

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