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Tel Aviv is often said to be “straight-friendly”, which gives you an idea of how exceptionally gay this Mediterranean paradise is. It is by far the best gay destination in the Middle East, and ranks amongst the best in the world. As well as attracting a huge community of LGBT locals, the city brings in thousands of gay tourists every year, with the gayness peaking in June for Tel Aviv Pride. This is the largest pride celebration in continental Asia – an incredible 250,000 people attended in 2018.

However, it’s not just about the exceptional gay nightlife. Tel Aviv is a dazzling modern metropolis, with iconic architecture, a flourishing food and arts scene, and a generally liberal and progressive attitude that resonates throughout the whole city. When combined with the Middle Eastern traditions that still remain in its markets, ports, and narrow streets, you get a truly unforgettable blend of old and new, historic and cutting-edge.

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Tel Aviv's Gay-Friendly Hotels

Tel Aviv is an exceptionally gay-friendly city, so gay visitors will have no issues booking and staying in any hotel. The city is quite small and gay venues are spread out, meaning you will always be close to a gay Tel Aviv party, beach, or bar.

There are however a few hotels that are particularly popular with gay visitors, such as Shenkin Hotel, a boutique spot close to Carmel Market where you can really get immersed in Tel Aviv culture. Any hotel near Hilton Beach is also likely to attract a gay crowd, including Melody Hotel, Prima Tel Aviv, and – of course – the Tel Aviv Hilton.

15 Best Hotels In/Near Hilton Beach (15 mins walk)


Top 23 Gay Favorite Hotels



Israel has by far the most progressive laws and attitudes towards homosexuality in the Middle East, and also compares favorably to Asia as a whole. A majority of Israelis support homosexuality, and the country was the first in Asia to recognize same-sex partnerships – although gay marriage and adoption are not yet legal.

Tel Aviv is often listed as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. There is a large LGBT population and a regular influx of gay tourism, so you are not likely to raise any eyebrows or have any trouble during your time in the city.

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