Gay Clubs Bangkok

Gay Clubs Bangkok

Busy every night of the week, Silom Soi 2 is gay Bangkok clubbing central and home to the famous DJ Station, Bangkok’s most famous gay club.

For any rice queens looking taste to the local gay scene, where you could be the only foreigner in the bar, check out Fake Bar.

Bangkok is an early city. Clubs start to get busy from midnight with some of the biggest clubs closing from 2 am.

Silom is the best neighborhood if you are looking to hit up a couple of different venues in a night.

Start at Silom Soi 4 it’s literally a street full of gay bars, perfect for bar hopping. Then from midnight onto Silom Soi 2 for DJ Station, Bangkok’s biggest club. From 2 am onwards things move onto G Bangkok, just 2 minutes walk from DJ Station.


DJ Station in Silom Soi 2 is Bangkok’s biggest and most famous gay club. Busy every night of the week and from best from midnight until 2 am.

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Local Gay Dance Madness

Fake Club Bangkok is located on Ratchadaphisek 4 Soi 1 Bangkok is a heaven for those who are attracted to Asian guys, however, you may struggle to find a matching Potato Queen here. It’s located near the famous Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market. The area has rapidly become a hip gay area of Bangkok, for local students and professionals to hang out. Fake Club The Next Gen attracting mostly Asian crowd, it’s a gay dance club with live DJ for locals who dislike DJ Station.

Next door to Fake Club Bangkok is Fake Cafe, the original club before it expanded sideways. Fake Cafe offers a more relaxed, quieter bar and restaurant environment.

Fake Club Bangkok – Popular Thai Men Gay Dance Club
Music: Fake Club The Next Gen Ratchada Soi 4 Bangkok, plays all the freshest Divas from Lady Ga Ga to Britney as well as many Thai and K-Pop bands. Between 11 pm and midnight, the bar hosts live music which has become popular with a small straight crowd as well. After midnight the DJ plays and the dancing starts.

Crowd: The club is packed at weekends with a young, highly fashionable crowd of local Bangkokers. They come with their K-pop-inspired outfits and their choreographed routines to “slut drop” the night away. With Fake Club Bangkok’s local orientation, be prepared for much of the crowd not to speak English.

Drinks: The drink prices are reasonable here with beers starting at 120 THB ($4 USD), cocktails at 130 THB ($4 USD), while a bottle of whiskey costs between 990-1,690 THB ($30-50 USD).

Dress: Fake Club has no official dress code however with the highly fashionable local crowd it’s advisable to make an effort unless want to go home alone.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing
Best Late Night Gay Dance Club

It’s busy and it’s perfect for late-night clubbing. G Bangkok (previously and commonly called G.O.D.) is the place to be after DJ Station closes (after 2 am). This three-story dance venue opens from 11 pm until 3 am. A drag show starts at midnight, which is an option if you don’t want to be squashed and sweaty in DJ Station. Usually, the crowds arrive at 2 am when the first floor’s getting tight. It’s the place to come and take your top off and dance until the sun comes up. Like many venues in Bangkok, open hours can be a little fluid. G Bangkok may close early when quiet or whenever they close. The entry fee usually includes two drinks.

G (OD) Bangkok Is The City’s Best Late Night Gay Dance Club
Music: G Bangkok is home to some talented DJs and like all great gay clubs. This after clubbing gay disco venue keeps the crowd going with its circuit beats.

Crowd: The crowd is very similar to DJ Station and the rest of Silom Soi 2 (mixed trendy Thai, expats, and international tourists) they just happen to be way drunker.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing
Bangkok’ Biggest Gay Nightclub

Thailand’s most famous gay club
DJ Station is Bangkok’s most famous gay nightclub with live DJ and drag performances. It’s located on the gay club ally Silom Soi 2. With 3 different floors of fun, the club is busy every night of the week and becomes packed to bursting point at weekends. DJ Station is a must-do gay institution across Asia. The minimum age for entry is 21 bring your ID (entrance could be quite strict), especially if you’re Asian.

The vibes start to kick-off and the venue fills up from 11:30 pm. Best to check in between 11:00 pm – 11:30 pm if you want to catch the drag acts. 30 minutes of your classic / dated drags ballads with Whitney and Celine making regular appearances as well as some Thai and international pop. Once the show is over dancing begins.

Music: DJ Station loves to play remixes of the hottest mainstream international pop. If you’re searching for any Thai music this is not the place for you.

Crowd: Being Thailand’s most international gay club the crowd is a mix of trendy Thais, Asian, Western tourists and a few of the usual old men, and last but not least, money boys.

Drinks: The entry fee includes two drink vouchers and after that, all drinks are 150 Baht (5 USD). Be careful, the bar doesn’t use the highest quality spirits and you may end up with a nasty hangover the following day.

Dress: Most of the locals dress to impress. Though, short and tank tops are fine but flip flops (thongs) are not allowed.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Drag Show, ID Required Aged 18+, Music

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