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Branded Content.

Last updated on 01st March 2021

The Gay Passport produces a range of content that involves advertisers. This is indicated by showing the advertiser’s logo and one of the following labels:

Sponsored Content: Sponsored by

‘Sponsored by’ describes articles and/or microsites that are produced by The Gay Passport’s editorial team but are paid for and influenced by the advertiser (e.g. sign-off by the advertiser). This content is subject to regulation by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK and the Federal Trade Commission in the US.

Partner Hotels

Hotels labeled as “Partner Hotels” work with The Gay Passport by gifting room nights to the ambassador program. The content is produced and controlled by The Gay Passport’s editorial team and ambassador program with no influence or sign-off from a partner hotel.


Some articles with affiliate links may include a disclosure sentence to make it clear we receive commissions from third party advertisers for anything that is booked or purchased through our website.