Gay Sauna Bangkok


Gay Sauna Bangkok

Bangkok’s gay sauna scene is diverse and spread out over the city. The most popular saunas in Bangkok include Babylon Sauna, R3 Sauna, and Chakran Sauna.

Gay saunas in Thailand are legal and in general safe.

It’s worth noting that any police action taking against gay saunas has been related to drug-taking, not the gay sex taking place. Thailand has strict laws against illegal drugs and any venues where they are consumed.

HIV infection rate among gay men living in Thailand is as high as 24%. This means nearly 1 in 4 gay men in Thailand are living with HIV. Most saunas also provide condoms and lube.

Babylon is often busy during the afternoons into early evenings busy but Sunday afternoons are the busiest.

Bangkok’s most iconic gay sauna has to be Babylon Bangkok. The resort is located in the center of Sathorn just a few minute’s drive to the gay bars of Silom. The sauna’s attached hotel makes it possible to spend your time in Bangkok completely immersed in a gay community of couples, singles, and everything in between. The facilities are excellent, from the large gym, busy swimming pool, and high-quality restaurant. Read all about the hotel here.

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BKK’s Central City Fun Maze

Sauna Mania gay sauna is located in the BEST neighborhood for a gay night out in Silom. It features a big-size sauna and spreads over five floors, with different facilities on each one. The top floor is a terrace where you can chillax with new friends. Even though Sauna Mania is located in the heart of a gay home, Silom, it attracts mostly local guys or Asian men. Note, peak hour to be from 5 pm onwards, before clubbing. The sauna has different themes for each night.

Crowd: This exclusive gay sauna is located near Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s best gay street bars. It is popular for young locals and then other international visitors. Sauna Mania gets busy after 5 pm on weekdays and late afternoons, and then before-clubbing hours on the weekend. Sauna Mania is popular with young locals.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Cruise, Gym, Sauna, Steam room, Maze, Sun terrace, Relaxing Cabins - free, Free WiFi, Lockers, Free condoms & lube
Busy Sexy Themed Fun

39 Underground Bangkok is one of the most popular gay saunas. It’s located on Saphan Kwai which is one Sky Train Station away from Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ Market). 39 Underground Sauna is open daily from noon till midnight (12 am – 12 pm) and features 4 floors as well as a rooftop. It is a relatively small place but still covers 4 floors. Mask Orgy Party takes place every Friday from 8 pm – 9 pm on its 4th floor. The gay scene is different to Silom area but it’s a good alternative choice to visit. Sexy Underwear and Naked theme on a weekly basis.

Crowd: 39 Underground is definitely a gay sauna to meet cute Thai boys. It’s a paradise for all rice queens (those who love Asian guys).

Facilities: Bar, Cruise, Sauna, Steam room, Maze, Sun terrace, Relaxing Cabins - free, Free WiFi, Lockers, Free condoms & lube
Modern Luxury Guys Sauna

R3 Sauna Bangkok is a popular gay sauna among the local Thai men in their 20s. The luxurious R3 Sauna featuring a sauna, steam, jacuzzi, dark maze, large gym, fantasy spaces, soft drink bar, internet access, private cabins, and movie room. Peak time is from 7 pm on weekdays and from 3 pm on weekends. Stay up to date for special events.

R3 Sauna Bangkok is located in Ratchada Soi 3. The sauna hosts different theme nights through the week from Japanese Underwear Wednesdays to Naked Sundays.

Crowd: Mainly Asian crowd, being popular with local Thais. The sauna and the whole of the Ratchada area are less cosmopolitan than Silom where you find Babylon Sauna and Chakran Sauna, the other two main gay saunas to put on your hotlist.

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Facilities: Dark Room, Leather Bar, Gym, Showers, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi / Hot pool, Maze, Relaxing Cabins - free, ID Required Aged 18+, Lockers, Free condoms & lube
Upscale Modern Sauna with Gym

Bangkok’s class gay sauna, if that is possible, Chakran Sauna is Babylon’s main competition and is located in Ari Soi 4, Bangkok. Offering onsen on that rooftop allows you to see skyscrapers in all directions. Also wet steam room, a dry sauna, gym, restaurant, bar, free WiFi, and plenty of lounge space with mattresses for people to laze around (and intentionally put out for group activities under the sky).

“Go only if you are young and have a good body” is some of the reviews you see on TripAdvisor, now you know what to expect. Most guests review the sauna well for its cleanliness. The sauna is open until late on Friday and Saturday nights. However, peak times are still 5 pm – 9 pm weeknights and at weekends from 3 pm. One of Bangkok’s best gay sauna and massage hosts special events from Naked Parties to Foam Parties.

Crowd: Chakran Sauna Bangkok has a mainly Asian crowd, being popular with local Thais and Asian visitors.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Cruise, Swimming pool, Gym, Showers, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi / Hot pool, Maze, Sun terrace, Relaxing Cabins - free, Music, Free WiFi, Coat check / secure storage, Lockers, Free condoms & lube

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