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8 Best Gay Bars Bangkok

The center of Bangkok’s gay nightlife is located in Silom. There are two key streets where most of the gay nightlife takes place. Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s gay bar street, and Silom Soi 2 gay clubbing central and home to DJ Station.

Soi 4 is great for cheap drinks, people watching, and making new friends before heading to the clubs. Silom Soi 2 is home to the largest and most famous gay club in Bangkok, DJ Station.

Being a true gay capital Bangkok hosts a number of gay parties and circuit events throughout the year. Two of Asia’s largest gay circuit party, take place in Bangkok gCircuit is held in Bangkok during Thai new year, Songkran, in April every year and White Party Bangkok takes over New Year.


Bars start to get busy from 8 pm, with most people moving onto the clubs around midnight.

Silom is the best neighborhood if you are looking to hit up a couple of different venues in a night.

Start at Silom Soi 4 it’s literally a street full of gay bars, perfect for bar hopping. Then from midnight onto Silom Soi 2 for DJ Station, Bangkok’s biggest club. From 2 am onwards, things move onto G Bangkok, just 2 minutes walk from DJ Station.


Beer is big in Thailand. The biggest local brands are ChangLeo, and SighnaRed Bull’s roots are also in Thailand but note the original/local version is not carbonated (no fizz or bubbles).

For something stronger, the Thai classic has to be SangSom. Confusingly it’s often sold as “Thai whiskey” but is actually rum, distilled from sugarcane. SangSom is also the main component of Thailand’s notorious “buckets of alcohol.”

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Bangkok’s Best Gay Street

Silom Soi 4 is a side street off Silom Road that is packed with gay bars. It’s the perfect place for pre-drinks and relaxing while people are watching on its street. Silom Soi 4 is at its best from 9 pm – 12 am after which most people walk across the road to the gay party street of Silom Soi 2 where the DJ Station dance club is.

Bangkok Silom Soi 4 is set up with bars down both sides and tables outside facing the opposite bars across the street. This setup gives every table a clear view of people walking in & out and of the people sitting outside the bar opposite. With numerous bars, Silom Soi 4 is ideal for bar hopping. The most popular bars on the Silom Soi 4 are The Stranger Bar, The Balcony Pub & Bar, and Telephone Pub Restuarant & Karaoke.

Crowd: The crowd on Silom Soi 4 is a real mix. You will find locals drinking after work, a few expats, a big number of tourists, plus money boys and their predatorial.

Drinks: Again, each bar on Silom Soi 4 is different, but as a street, it’s of great value. The entry is free to the bars. For example, at The Balcony Pub & Bar, a beer is 69 Baht (under 3 USD.) per glass #happyhour.

Dress: There is no dress code on the gay street; just remember you will be judged as you walk down the aisle. However, some bars and dance clubs in Silom Soi 2 require proper shoes rather than flip-flops.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Drag Show, Music, Free WiFi
Erotic Muscles Men Guaranteed

Tawan Bar Bangkok is the longest-running go-go gay bar in Silom hub and well known as an extremely pushy management and overpriced drinks. This gay bar specializing in muscular Asian men go-go shows, quite a spot for bear-lovers. Tawan Bar offers one show per night at 10.45 pm onwards for the experience of erotic shows from Leather Show, Pharoah’s Show, and Hardcore Show by muscular handsome men (or not, you decide). However, in recent times reviews suggest that the quality of the muscle men has deteriorated (All the dancers are big men but some have more fat than muscle). Be there and grab a seat before 10:45 pm as the bar attracts a full house for its nightly show.

Crowd: Tawan Bar has very similar to the rest of Silom crowd and all has a shared interest in muscle Asian men.

Drinks: Free entry,  though the only condition is you have to buy a drink that costs 400 THB ($12 USD) per drink.

Facilities: Bar, Go-go show, Leather Bar, Massage
Hot Crowd & Sassy Drag Show

The Stranger Bar Bangkok (aka. House of Drag Queens) is located on Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s best gay street. The Stranger Bar Bangkok offers some of the best party vibes and drag shows from Monday to Sunday. Yes, you read it correctly the venue offers you its best queen performances every night. With its classics such as “Sperm Shot” and “Golden Shower” the bar is true to its roots. Free entry!

The Stranger Bar – House of Drang Queens
This cozy festive gay nightlife hotspot spread over 2 floors. The Stranger Bar Bangkok offers just enough seating. However, when there are no shows, most people tend to sit outside watching people go by on the street. The owners are actively involved in running the bar, making sure their guests have the best time possible. Get ready for super sassy drag shows every night from 10 pm onward.

Music: The venue is all about hit mainstream pop chart and great spin from DJ nightly.

Crowd: As with all of Silom Soi 4, the venue has a real mixed crowd. Young expats, international tourists, and locals enjoying after-work drinks.

Drinks: Entry is free and drinks are very reasonably priced. The Stranger Bar Bangkok offers a daily 100 THB (3 USD) cocktail promotion plus a daily Happy Hour till 9 pm.

How to get there
The Stranger Bar is located on Silom Road Soi 4 as you walk into the street the bar is on your left-hand side half-way of the street.

Taxi: Ask taxi drivers for Silom Soi 4 (pronounced See Lom Soy Four), The Stranger Bar is on your left-hand side halfway into the street.

BTS Skytrain: The closest station to the bar is Sala Daeng (BTS S2) on the Silom Line

MRT Underground: The closest underground station to the bar is Silom.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show
Exotic Go-Go Men & Male Models

Jupiter2018 Bangkok (Perviosly Jupiter 2002) is a go-go gay bar. The bar is located on Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s best gay bar street. Jupiter2018 Bangkok offers sexy shows, male models, and sassy drag queens. Open daily from 8.30 pm to 1 am with the main show starting at 10.45 pm.

Music: Jupiter2018 brings you hot guys and drag sexy shows through the night for later pre-drinks and maybe more.

Crowd: The crowd in Jupiter2018 is very similar to the rest of Silom, a mix of old, young(ish) international guys and a Japanese / Chinese crowd of gays who are interested in muscle local guys.

Drinks: The entry fee is 350 THB ($10 USD) comes with 1 drink and each drink is 350THB.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show
BKK’s Most Famous Go-Go Boys

Dreamboy Paradiso (previously called Dreamboys) is Bangkok’s most famous go-go boys & gay bar (Moved from Soi Twilight). It is now moved to Patpong Soi 2, only a short walk from the former location.

Unfortunately, Soi Twilight is closed for good, however, these go-go boys and gay bars are continuing to uplift Bangkok’s most lively gay nightlife in Silom and Patpong. The new location has a smaller stage.

The first show starts at 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm, and 11:30 pm for the final show. Note, convenient location to take a short walk to DJ Station dance club and Silom Soi 4 for bar-hopping from here.

Crowd: The crowd is very similar to the rest of Silom, a mix of old and young (ish) international visitors. Well, surely everybody’s here for the same naughty reasons.

Drinks: The entry fee is 5oo THB. ($16 USD) include two drinks.

Facilities: Bar, Drag Show, Go-go show
Shows & Great Deal Happy Hour

The Balcony Pub is located on Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s best gay night street. The bar is one of the largest bars on Silom Soi 4. The Balcony Pub Bangkok offers great deals on happy hours in a relaxing environment, cheap beers, restaurants, karaoke, and drag shows. It’s a great spot to begin the night, in fact, The Balcony claims to be the cheapest bar on this must-visit gay street. Additionally, the bar serves a range of Thai and international food. As with all of Silom Soi 4, The bar is open from 5:30 pm till 2 am, with the busiest time around 10 pm -11.30 pm. After which, the crowds walk to Silom Soi 2, home of Bangkok’s biggest gay dance club DJ Station.

Music: Mainstream international pop music. Upstairs has a 2nd bar, plus there are a number of karaoke rooms available.

Crowd: As with all of Silom Soi 4, The Balcony Pub has a real mixture of the crowd. There are international tourists of all ages, local Thais enjoying drinks after work, and a number of money boys as well.

Drinks: Entry is free, and drinks are very reasonably priced. A local beer costs 60 Baht ($2 USD) per glass or 95 Baht per pint, or 500 Baht ($ 17 USD) per tower. House Drinks such as gin & tonic, vodka & coke cost 75 Baht ($3 USD).

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Drag Show, Karaoke
Bangkok’s Longest-Running Bar

Telephone Pub & Restaurant has quite a famous reputation among the gay bars of Bangkok. Located on Silom Soi 4, a street full of gay bars. Telephone Pub & Restaurant offers (private) karaoke on its 2nd floor and you can also order your snacks and dinner here. This is the perfect way to pre-drinks before heading to Bangkok’s most famous gay dance club DJ Station on Silom Soi 2.

History of Telephone Pub & Restaurant’s name comes from the telephones that used to connect each table, however, they have been removed now. Like all of Soi 4, this is a great place to come and people watch.

Music: Guilty pleasure latest mainstream pop music. While the 2nd floor has karaoke rooms from a small room to a big room of up to 10 people, and booking is recommended for peak times.

Crowd: The crowd is a mix of local Thais and tourists, and a few professional boys as well.

Drinks: Drink prices are very reasonable, a Leo Beer costs 60Baht ($2 USD) per glass or 180Baht ($6 USD) per stein or 550Baht ($18 USD) per tower.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Drag Show, Karaoke
Asia’s Best Drag Bar Pangina Heals

Welcome to House of Heals, the premier drag bar in Bangkok and the pinnacle of drag excellence in all of Asia. With Pangina Heals at the helm as the owner, you can expect nothing less than sheer fabulousness. As the resident home bar of Pangina Heals, the reigning queen of Asia’s drag scene, every night at House of Heals is a unique experience filled with fierceness, fun, and unexpected surprises. Get ready to be dazzled and entertained like never before in this haven of drag artistry.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Drag Show

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