Best Gay Hotel Phuket Amari

Phuket by Jay and Oliver: 10 days Exploring Phuket’s Gay Beaches


Discover the beauty of Phuket’s best gay beaches, where sun-kissed shores are welcoming to all travelers Nestled along the vibrant coastline lies the epitome of LGBTQ+ acceptance: Patong, often hailed as Phuket’s gayest beach and the most popular gay beach in Phuket. Embracing diversity with open arms, this gem stands as a beacon of gay-friendly hospitality amidst the island’s scenic splendor. With its serene ambiance and charm, this area of Phuket offers an idyllic haven for those seeking quiet luxury escapes amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re lounging by the turquoise waters or exploring the local scene, Patong promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

Follow Jay and Oliver as they embark on a love-filled journey in luxurious hotels in Phuket’s gay beaches, seeking relaxation and adventure. Despite their conflicting work schedules, the tranquil atmosphere and romantic setting allowed them to reconnect, rekindling their love amidst the picturesque sceneries and vibrant culture of the island.

Love's a Beach


Phuket stands tall as the crown jewel of gay destinations in Thailand, boasting a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that draws LGBTQ+ travelers from around the globe. With its stunning coastline, Patong emerges as the epicenter of gay culture, renowned for its lively energy and welcoming embrace. Here, visitors can revel in the freedom to express themselves openly, surrounded by a diverse community that celebrates love and acceptance. 

From sun-soaked shores to bustling nightlife, Phuket offers a kaleidoscope of experiences tailored to the LGBTQ+ community’s desires. With its blend of stunning natural beauty and vibrant social scene, Phuket reigns supreme as the best gay beach destination in Thailand, promising unforgettable moments of joy, connection, and adventure for all who visit.

Jay and Oliver’s Phuket Getaway

Tell me more about yourselves and why you decided to go on this trip?

Jay: We met in the summer of 2019. We started chatting on Instagram, I was working away at the time and it was nice to have someone to chat to. When I came back to London we met and we’ve been together ever since. We live in east London with our dog Max.

We work conflicting hours as Oliver works 9-5 and I work evenings mostly, so we were well overdue s holiday that we could spend time together and chill together as we have very few of those moments right now. It was perfect to be honest.


Thailand.Phuket.AmariPhuket.Jay 8
Amari, Phuket
Thailand.Phuket.ThePavilionsPhuket.Jay 1
The Pavilions, Phuket
Thailand.Phuket.InterContinentalPhuketResort.Jay 8
InterContinental, Phuket

Phuket, Let's Go!

Thailand.Phuket.AmariPhuket.Jay 12

Amari, Phuket

What did you think of this hotel?

Jay: The view from our room was amazing, sea views in both the living space and the bedroom. We tried both restaurants and they were amazing. The service was first class, all the staff were friendly and attentive. The pool areas were never overcrowded remaining relaxed and chilled. And they know how to make a good cocktail also!

We felt safe and respected. It felt a very comfortable space for LGBTQ+ guests!


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Tea in Phuket

Gay Friendly Hotel Amari Phuket (SHA certified) Phuket
Best Gay Hotel Phuket Amari
Thailand.Phuket.InterContinentalPhuketResort.Jay 4

How did you find traveling in Phuket as a gay man?

Jay: Travelling in Phuket as a gay man and couple was great. Thai culture felt so liberal and accepting. We never felt judged or unwelcome. Our relationship felt celebrated and respected everywhere we went. I would highly recommend Phuket as a destination for queer traveller.

What was your favorite activity or sight while you were there? 

Jay: We are keen divers so we went diving and just had the best time, the coral reefs around Phuket are so beautiful and the things to sea in the ocean are so breathtaking. We also really enjoyed the elephant sanctuary, the only ethical sanctuaries are the ones that don’t include riding or touching the elephants in anyway. Just seeing the elephants in there natural state and environment was perfect!

Do you have any tips for first-time visitors?

Jay: Only tip I would say is lean into the culture as much as possible. Thailand and Phuket has such rich culture, it would be a shame to not immerse yourself and experience it as authentically as possible. You can’t go wrong with great food, people and beaches!

The Land of Smiles

Best Gay Hotel Phuket Pavilions

The Pavilions, Phuket

What did you think of this hotel?

Jay: We loved the private villa, it was huge and spacious. The private pool was amazing and  we spent most of our time in and out of the pool. Alto restaurant was incredible, Chef Pietro cooked us a special 5 course menu suited to our pescatarian diet. The service across the whole hotel was incredible, very impressive. We had a couples massage at the spa which was perfect, we got to choose our oil and it was a very romantic and relaxing experience. I couldn’t recommend this hotel more. The 360 bar was a great place to watch the sunset with live music as a lovely touch also.

There wasn’t a beach walking distance from the hotel but you don’t really need this with all the options at the hotel.

We were so well looked after. There was also other gay couples staying at the hotel. We felt respected, safe and free to be ourselves. The villa felt so private as well.

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Best Gay Hotel Phuket InterContinental

InterContinental Phuket Resort, an IHG Hotel

What did you think of this hotel?

Jay: The hospitality was incredible, we were so well looked after. The Clubhouse was an incredible perk, they had complimentary afternoon tea and cocktails. The sunset was stunning from the club lounge or the beach. Hom Restaurant experience was so great, the drink pairing with the tasting menu was perfect. The whole InterContinental experience was 10/10.

Again, so well respected and looked after. The people of Phuket are so friendly and everyone at the hotel were lovely. I would recommend this hotel for gay travelers!

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Best Gay Hotel Phuket Renaissance

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

What did you think of this hotel?

Jay: We loved the pool and beach area, the Mai Khao coastline is as beautiful as we’ve seen so far in Phuket. The sunset from the beach or pool area is breathtaking. The resort overall was fantastic, it had everything you would need and want, including a 24 hour gym and a gorgeous spa area.

The restaurants had a great selection of food but the wait times were often pretty long, which is to be expected when the food is good. You might see wildlife in the premises, which is completely normal given that it is a tropical country.

Overall a very comfortable experience. The staff treated us very well and were very thoughtful in the way they addressed us as a couple.

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Best Gay Hotel Phuket M Social

M Social Hotel Phuket

What did you think of this hotel?

Jay: The room was clean and spacious with all the amenities you would want and need. The pool area was really cool and had a massive pool. The food at the pool bar was great and they made a fantastic pina colada!  The hotel is located in the centre of everything in Patong, a 2 minute walk from the infamous Bang La Road. So much to do and see around the area.

There was quite the crowd when we went there, so might be your thing. Although they had a limited number of food options, it was in an accessible area so there are a lot of nearby alternative food options.

The staff at the hotel treated us very well and with kindness. The hotel travelers felt slightly more heteronormative than the other hotels we had visited. The demographic was slightly less varied than the other hotels. We got used to seeing other gay couples on our travels but that didn’t seem to be the case so much at M Social. But as I said before, the staff made us feel very welcome in the space nonetheless.

Enjoy Jay and Oliver‘s travel experience around the best Phuket gay beach? Follow them on Instagram for more of their content! 

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Best Gay Beach Amari Phuket
Amari, Phuket
Best Gay Beach InterContinental Phuket
Diving trip in Phuket
Best Gay Beach Renaissance Phuket
Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa




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