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Phuket has a lively gay scene, mainly concentrated in the west coast town of Patong. Paradise Complex makes up the center of gay Phuket, with most of the bars and clubs located along Exit Road. Patong, and particularly Bangla Road, is home to most of the island’s mixed nightlife as well.

Most of Phuket’s gay bars don’t get busy until 9 pm – 11 pm while the gay clubs get going after midnight.

You can see most of gay Phuket’s nightlife in one night. Bangla Road in Patong is the center of nightlife on the island. Located 500 meters away is Paradise Complex, the hub for gay Phuket. Inside Paradise Complex street are all the main gay bars and clubs, perfect for bar hopping.

Beer is big in Thailand. The biggest local brands are Chang, Leo, and Sighna. Red Bull’s roots are also in Thailand but note the original/local version is not carbonated (no fizz or bubbles).

For something stronger, the Thai classic has to be SangSom. Confusingly it’s often sold as “Thai whiskey” but is actually rum, distilled from sugarcane. SangSom is also the main component of Thailand’s notorious “buckets of alcohol.”

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Phuket’s Only Gay Street

Paradise Complex Patong is a short street where you get it all from drag shows, dancing and go-go bars, to massage parlors. Paradise Complex is located a 5-minute walk from Bangla Road (Phuket’s biggest nightlife and entertainment spot) the area is full of gay bars and restaurants. All gay bars on Paradise Complex street host nightly shows which are free entry but guests are expected to buy at least one drink.

The general area gets busy around 10 to 11 pm until 2 am (or even 4 am depending on the crowd) with many of the bars putting on street performances to attract guests. By midnight most of the gay bars are crowded. Boat Bar and Zag Bar are two of the most popular venues in Paradise Complex.

Music: Across all the bars, mainstream pop is most common. Expect current chart hits and even the odd bar streaming YouTube.

Crowd: Phuket’s gay town is visited by a mix of mostly tourists, professional working men, and local guys.

Dress: Casual clothing is fine. Flip tops and tank tops seem to be the uniform for most people.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music, Free WiFi
Naughty Dance & Young Crowd

Zag Club is located in Paradise Complex the heart of Phuket’s Gay Town. The Club is located on the main street of Gay Town, it also hosts street performances starting around 11.30 pm. These are good fun and worth watching. Zag Club, like the rest of Paradise Complex beings to get busy around 10 pm starting at the front terrace before the crowds move indoors towards the dance floors.

Crowd: Like all of Paradise Complex, Zag Club has a total mix of tourists, locals and money boys.

Dress: No dress code required. Tight vests and shorts are fine but so are jeans and a shirt.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music, Free WiFi

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