Gays, Sex & Drama – Addictive Gay WebSeries set in Bangkok

GAYOK BANGKOK, a hot new web series which follows six gay men living in Bangkok. Expect a show filled with sex, cheating, romance, family, work, a bit more sex and mainly drama. After 10 minutes you will get sucked into this 5 episode Thai web series and its hot gay characters.

Check out episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles

Episode 1 – Trust

Episode 2 – Truth

Cant wait for Episode 3… 8 Stages of Waiting for the Next Episode.


Stage 1: Shock
When you finish the latest episode

Stage 2: Confusion
When you realize you have to wait a whole week for a new episode

Stage 3: Gossip
When you talk about how awesome the show is with your friends

Stage 4: Depression
When you remember your favourite character’s heart got broken

Stage 5: Questioning
When you think about what might happen next

Stage 6: Anxious
When you start going a little crazy from waiting so long…

Stage 7: Excitement
When you realize it’s only one more day until the new episode

Stage 8: OCD
When you check every 5 seconds to see if the new episode is posted

BONUS Stage: Sexy memories
When you remember the hot sex scene

Author: Ryan Tran – Graphic Blogger

These stages are based on Ryan Tran’s experience while waiting for the next episode of the brand new Thai web series, GAYOK BANGKOK. Ryan Tran is much more than a graphic designer. “As a graphic designer, I believe the message is everything. It should be clear, meaningful, and relatable.”
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