Gay Couple on Instagram & Their Valentine's Day Activities

11 Cutest Instagram Gay Couples | Valentine’s Day Romance

Get Ready For A Seriously Cheesy Valentine’s Day!

Finally, the day has arrived! Some people love it, many hate it but it’s here anyway. We have got your fix of cute gay couples! If your Instagram feeds needs some more romance to balance out the 6-pack gym selfies then start following these jet-setting adorable couples.

Valentine Couple Gay Influencer Ron & Danny Singapore (1)
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1. Danny & Ron – Just For Fun

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually have no intention of joining because we both have different audiences. 🙂
First Met? We met in TABOO, Singapore most popular dance gay club in Nov 2014.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We will definitely be visiting Bali, Japan & Boracay.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Spending time together (staycation), gym and a romantic candlelight dinner! 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
There are the best and the must go! ZoukOut in Singapore, White Party and gCircuit Songkran party in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rissieri & Petros #petrissi Insta Gay Couple Instagram Valentine's Day London (3)
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2. Rissieri & Petros –  Travel, Happiness & lighting

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We thought about it, but we both have so much from our lives that we love to share, so we set up the hashtag #petrissi 😉
First Met? We met in Dec 2008 internet dating and our first date was in a coffee shop. lol
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We are heading to  Vietnam and Thailand next month. Plus we would love to visit Seychelles and Fiji.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Cooking class is fun, the boat ride to relax and dine on a private beach would be lovely. 
Top 3 Parties?
NYE in Rio, Carnival in Salvador and Halloween in NYC are our top!

Andee & Hugo Gay Taiwan & Singpaore
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3. Andee & Hugo – Love, Food & Travel

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? Well, we do have a hashtag now, #HugoDee! As for the joint account, that might be a good idea especially since we always take so many pictures and videos every time we are out.
First Met? We first met at the Singapore National Gallery on 1st of January 2017, when Hugo came for a vacation (from Taiwan). It was love at first sight! We love our chemistry, there wasn’t a moment of awkwardness. It’s still very sweet thinking back on that day 😉
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Miami, Phi Phi Island, and El Nido Palawan. Hopefully, it won’t be all just a “dream” – we’ll make them happen for sure! Then we can update you guys with the amazing pictures!
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’ll be skyping the night away as we won’t be together. But these what we will do! Exploring & eating good food, cooking & whipping up a good meal and cuddling in bed. We are all about food, aren’t we?
Top 3 Parties? To be honest, we aren’t a fan of parties. That’s what we have in common too! We would really prefer spending time at a nice cafe/traveling/strolling in a park/and maybe in bed watching Netflix and spending quality time 🙂

Gay Romance Valentine's Day Instagram Dion & Craig Australia
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4. Craig & Dion – Networking, Friends & Inspiration

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? It works for some people and there are a few successful joint Instagramers – but it’s not for us.
First Met? We were introduced by a mutual friend and stayed in contact for a long time before we eventually decided to go on a date 5 months ago. 🙂 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would love to go to Japan, Maldives & Greece
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Have a beautiful breakfast together. Watch the sunset with a cheese platter and a bottle of wine. Lastly, a quiet night in watching a nice movie on the couch, cuddled up together. 
Top 3 Parties? 
Mardi Gras After Party, I Remember House and Halloween party. All three have been in Sydney!

Lok Man & Guillaume Bananaeggshake Gay Married Romance Valentine's Day (1)
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5. Guillaume & Lok Man – Energising, Social, Share

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We love joint account that we are having now as @bananaeggshake. It gives us the ability to share our day to day and love with people around the world, also to meet interesting folks.
First Met? Back in 2009, in a nightclub in Hong Kong, Guillaume was a tourist. It was mutual love at first sight, we danced together and kissed.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Maldives (we had our honeymoon there), Bali and Greece.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Great food, great wine, and cuddles 😉 😉
Best 3 Parties?
Songkran Bangkok (water fight), junk-boat parties and last but not least the party where we met in 2009.

Expert Local Gay Asian Couple Instagram on Valentine's Day (1)
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6. Adrian & Son – Creative, Self Expression & Colorful

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually already have one, it’s where we post pictures of places we have been to. It’s a fantastic way to express our love for traveling, learning new things and trying new food.
First Met? We met at a birthday party when I just moved back from the States to Vietnam in 2011. One of my high school sweethearts ended up to be a really close friend with Adrian.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Iceland, Cuba, and Maldives.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Having a great dinner, a good movie and… Sex 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
We like to travel more than going to parties, so, to be honest, this is a really tough question to answer. We both agreed that going to Songkran festival in BKK is really amazing!

Gay Influencers on Instagram Matt & Taylor Sydney
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7. Matt & Taylor – Fun, Vibrant & Energetic

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have thought about it, but individual accounts are fun, we get to put photos up of each other and followers can go on each of our pages to see our journey through different eyes.
First Met? We met at our local cafe, almost 2 years ago. I noticed his cute smile and vibrant energy while I was grabbing a quick bite. I later commented on his photo on Instagram because we had the same meal, we had coffee dates for about a month, which turned into dinner dates, the rest is history.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Sailing through Croatia, Maldives or the Greek Islands.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A couples massage! I know that sounds cheesy but it’s nice! A nice dinner somewhere (Taylor is organising this year) and spend time relaxing with our puppy.
Top 3 Parties? 
Parties at the snowfields in Canada were amazing, a weekend at Madrid Gras and New York City birthday celebrations.

Ken & Richmond Insta Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (1)
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8. Ken & Richmond – Travel, Fashion & Adventure

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? As much as we are in love and married, we still keep a little bit of privacy and still have our individual relationships with other people.
First Met? We met through a friend of ours while partying in May 2015 in Boracay Island in the Philippines.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would like to visit places we’ve both never been together before, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Capetown in South Africa and Reykjavik in Iceland.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Hit the beach, F***  and then have a nice romantic dinner. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
StereoSonic music festival in Sydney Australia, Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand, and Circuit Party in Barcelona, Spain. Love it!

Neil & Jean Instagram Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (2)
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9. Neil & Jean François – Holidays, Parties & Friends

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We’ve never actually thought about it – since we don’t live together it’s maybe a bit more complicated. Maybe once we’re living in the same city and once we get a cat …that will be the moment for a joint account haha 😛
First Met? We first met in the Netherlands in 2015. I (Neil) was living there and like all 21st-century romances, we met through a dating app. JF lives in Paris but had a friend in the Netherlands. One weekend I came to visit and so we met up and well the rest is history. 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Hawaii, New Zealand, and Argentina. We like active holidays so even a honeymoon would be like that for us. 😉
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We won’t be together this Valentine I’m living in Scotland this year since I’m gone back to Uni for a year. If we are together in Paris then for sure a nice romantic meal, followed by a romantic stroll along the Seine. Then come home to the sofa and snuggle up with a movie.
Top 3 Parties?
Sagi Kariv closing party (Forever Tel Aviv) at la Riviera 2016 Madrid Razzmatazz Barcelona Sagi Kariv – (Circuit festival) 2016 Rio Carnival pool party (Revolution) 2013.

Local Gay Influencer Philippines Stef & Mike
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10. Mike & Stef – My Favorite App!

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? I think based on Instagram, it’s best we do our own. We’re different people and definitely respect that. We would prefer a joint vblog account.
First Met? We met at Stef’s 18th birthday in Oct. 2014 (I crashed it haha).
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Indonesia, Japan, and Greece. I would definitely LOVE to take Stef to Greece someday! That would be more than a goal! (Also Iceland and India)
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’re going to Waterpark, movie to cap off the night and coffee, then enjoy an evening together for Valentine’s Day, we’re really easy to please!
Top 3 Parties? 
The road to Ultra, Lovedance 2015 (Stef passed out hahaha) and Stef’s birthday I guess coz of where/how we met. (We don’t go out a lot but when we do it’s intense).

Local Gay European Influencer Instagram Karl & Daan Amsterdam & Berlin
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11. Karl & Daan – Best Travel Diary

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have a joint account as @coupleofmen to show our followers the world. We travel together as an openly gay couple to find the best places to stay and things to experience while exploring the world. Nothing better than having a joint account where both contribute the best ideas. 🙂
First Met? We met at a gay party in Berlin. I (Karl) was living in Berlin back then, Daan was visiting for a week from Amsterdam, it was love on the first sight. 
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? 
It’s a difficult question! It could be Japan again (we loved it last time we were there), New Zealand and then Chile. We love to stay in wellness & spa resorts in the middle of the forest or close to nature. Nothing better than wake up with breakfast in a private pool over the view of the endless green.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A day with spa & massage, yummy & healthy cuisine, and then sleeping together without setting an alarm. Most importantly, we wanna spend some time together with our appointments. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
One week on a gay cruise with la demence, it was non stop party on a cruise ship. Tel Aviv the final pride party by Offer Nissim, and Rapido in Amsterdam.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Happy Valentine's Day Gay Couple Instagram
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