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Could this be the BEST HIV Testing Campaign Ever? #LoveTestBKK

TestBKK, Thailand’s famously provocative and influential HIV testing campaign has outdone itself again with their Songkran and gCircuit campaign. Using a series of interactive events TestBKK have created huge digital ripples across Asia’s LGBT community.

Gay Asia can benefit hugely with more initiatives like this, especially during the annual gay migration, where thousands of gay men from across Asia travel to Bangkok for Songkran for Asia’s largest gay circuit festival! gCircuit is attended by 10,000 guys each night for three nights and up to 70% of these circuit party goers are international visitors.

TestBKK’s full guide to the festival available in two languages – Songkran Special

1. The most interactive #Instabooths

2. and their unbelievably hot models!


3. What’s better than a cute model handing out condoms


4. Oh yeah, a cute model with more free condoms and all these amazing goodies!

Provocative lyrical Badges, temporary tattoos and fans.

5. Don’t worry.. they wont run out!


6. And don’t leave without a Party Pack .. There’s enough condoms and lube to keep the after party going all night.

More information on Party Packs

7. Taking it to the next level TestBKK offer free onsite HIV TestingTestBKK---gCircuit-SK-10--HIV-Awareness-Asia

HIV testing booths located inside the party venue with 1 hour results. Talk about convenient.

8. and if accidents happen .. Don’t ignore them!

PEP-for-Emergency-in-BangkokWhere, when and how to get emergency PEP.  More information about PEP

9. Get more info about PrEP to F*#k Without Fear!

F##K-Without-Fear.-TestBKK-CampaignMore information on PrEP

10. So look out for these amazing young HIV advocates behind TestBKK!


More information on TestBKK team

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