Vienna Gay Cruise Clubs


Vienna Gay Cruise Clubs

Vienna’s gay cruising scene pulsates with diversity and excitement. F56, a premier cruise club, boldly claims “We Are Sex” and delivers on the promise with a sprawling 300 m² of cruising space. LMC Vienna – HARD ON, a leather and fetish enthusiasts’ haven, requires membership for entry and hosts thrilling themed nights. Sling Bar redefines cruising with its international-standard facilities and diverse adult playground, from XXX cinema to fetish nights. Kino Labyrinth, an expansive X-rated gay cinema and cruise club, offers over 500 m² of space for men, women, gays, fetish enthusiasts, and more.

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Largest gay cruising space in Vienna

Dive into the thrilling world of Kino Labyrinth, Vienna’s X-rated gay cinema and cruise club. This expansive venue spans over 500 m², offering an unparalleled experience for men, women, heterosexuals, gays, fetish enthusiasts, and transvestites.

Explore the maze, indulge in 10 unique video cabins, and immerse yourself in a hardcore movie program catering to various interests. With darkrooms, single cabins, group spaces, play zones, changing rooms, and showers, Kino Labyrinth guarantees an unforgettable experience. Keep an eye out for their themed nights, promising unforgettable adventures for all. Just be sure to check their site and Facebook page so you come at the right night for you.

Facilities: Dark Room, Leather Bar, Cruise, Maze, Relaxing Cabins - free
Claim to fame: we are sex

“We Are Sex” is the bold claim of this premier cruise club. F56, one of Vienna’s largest cruising and fetish bars, boasts a spacious 300 m² area featuring a well-equipped bar, dark room, glory hole, gang-bang platform, cabins, slings, and gyn chairs.

This venue provides a playground where men can unwind, socialize, and indulge in fun. Amenities like rinsing facilities, disinfectants, condoms, and gloves are readily available. Please note that admission after midnight is not guaranteed..

Facilities: Bar, Dark Room, Leather Bar, Cruise, Relaxing Cabins - free, Free WiFi, Free condoms & lube
Leather and fetish membership cruise club

LMC Vienna – HARD ON is a vibrant gay cruise club catering to leather and fetish enthusiasts. Operating on weekends, this playground of uninhibited fun requires membership for entry.

Proudly affiliated with the Leather & Motorbike Community, LMC, the club hosts exciting themed nights and events. For detailed information and dress codes, visit LMC’s official website.

Facilities: Bar, Dark Room, Leather Bar, Cruise, Membership required
Go here for some naked parties

Sling Bar redefines the cruising experience, transforming traditional dim corners into an enticing and alluring space. This international-standard cruising lounge boasts state-of-the-art lighting, pristine air quality, and a friendly bar crew.

With XXX cinema with erotic strip shows, a well-stocked bar, and a serene lounge, Sling offers a diverse adult playground. From naked parties to fetish nights, the venue hosts thrilling theme events – just check the dress code before your visit. That is if you still need something on. It’s also popular among bears and masculine men. If it’s adult fun you’re after, add Sling Bar to your list of places to visit in Vienna.

Facilities: Bar, Go-go show, Dark Room, Leather Bar, Cruise, Music, Free WiFi

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