Vienna Gay Clubs

Vienna Gay Clubs

The gay club nightlife in Vienna is certainly one of the best in Europe. All across the city, you can find big, outrageous parties and club nights. One of them is the CIRCUS, a thrilling event held at Vienna Arena around three times a year, featuring international DJs, GoGo Boys, and Drag Queens for an unforgettable night. KEN, a lively dance party, caters to energetic crowds with its mix of pop, 80s, 90s, and house music. OMG Society, the pinnacle of Austria’s queer scene, hosts sensational parties with the latest dance hits and captivating shows.

They’re all scheduled at varying venues but for more regular club nights, WHY NOT would be your best bet. Weekends come alive at WHY NOT with drag queens and gogos, creating an unforgettable dancing experience.

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Vienna’s monthly gay party

Replay, a renowned name in the gay circuit scene, sets Vienna ablaze with its sizzling energy every month. This scorching gay dance party showcases top DJs from Vienna and across the globe, ensuring an unforgettable night of beats and bliss. For the latest event details, dive into REPLAY’s Facebook page.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music
Endless dancing ’til dawn

Why Not has stood as Vienna’s legendary queer disco, proudly claiming the title of the city’s oldest gay dance haven. Situated in the bustling first district, this multifaceted venue boasts three floors adorned with bars, dance floors, cozy corners, and an enticing “funroom.”

Weekends here come alive with sensational events, featuring local drag queens and captivating gogos. For a night of endless dancing that stretches until the dawn, Why Not is the perfect spot.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music, Free WiFi
Austria’s biggest gay dance party

The CIRCUS is possibly the biggest electrifying gay party experience you’ll have in Vienna. This sensational event boasts international superstar DJs, captivating GoGo Boys, and fabulous Drag Queens from across the globe. Huge dose of party fun, be prepare for a night of pulsating beats, extraordinary sexy performances, and awe-inspiring special effects.

They have around three events per year, usually held at the Vienna Arena. Better check their website or Facebook page for upcoming events to plan your visit in time for the CIRCUS.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music
Fab dance party for young crowds

KEN, a vibrant dance party in Vienna, draws energetic crowds of young gays, lesbians, and friends. With a dynamic playlist spanning pop, trash, 80s, 90s, and house music, the party promises a lively night out. Keep an eye on KEN Club’s website or Facebook page for event details, as venues and schedules vary for each exciting occasion.

Facilities: Bar, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music
Premium club experience in Vienna

Dubbed the “premium club house of the Austrian queer scene,” OMG Society orchestrates sensational gay dance parties across the country’s trendiest venues. These seasonal bashes, usually on Saturdays, guarantee an unforgettable experience featuring the latest dance hits, mesmerizing shows, creative themes, and an enchanting club vibe. Brace yourself for a night of pulsating beats, extraordinary performances, and an atmosphere that exudes pure fabulousness.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Drag Show, Go-go show, Music

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