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Gay Sauna Taipei

Gay Taipei has a great collection of gay saunas and spas, in which you are almost guaranteed some action. Aniki is one of gay Taipei’s most popular saunas, and other sauna options include Rainbow Sauna, Han’s Mens Sauna, and XL Club.

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Huang Chi Spa is a gay-popular but not exclusively gay, outdoor hot spring on the outskirts of Taipei city.

Huang Chi Spa offers a Japanese-style onsen popular local men of all ages all going fully naked. While not an outright gay venue discrete gay action takes place within the sauna cabin which is often packed to bursting point. The surrounding area is home to many spas due to the hot springs, Kawayu Spa & Sauna next door used to be gay-popular but under new management, their concept changed.

Crowd: While visitors are welcome the majority of bathers are local men, with all ages being represented.

Facilities: Swimming pool, Showers, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi / Hot pool, Lockers
Red House Top Choice Sauna

Hans is a small gay sauna that has nice, and clean facilities. Features dry sauna, dark room, a small snack area, steam room, TV lounge, showers, cabins and lockers. This 24 hours gay sauna is just a short walk from the Red House Square (Taipei’s gay town) hence it’s a busy spot to hang out among local guys, especially in the early evenings and weekends.

Hans Men’s Sauna is a gay sauna located on the second floor of the building. It’s a popular gay sauna with local guys of all ages. Open 24 hours and its peak hours are between 6 pm – 9 pm with a great reputation for the nicest and cleanest facilities in town. Features lockers, dry sauna, dark room, a small snack area, steam room, TV lounge, showers, cabins, condoms & lube.

Entry: Costs around 350 TWD (10 USD) for both locals and visitors.

Facilities: Cruise, Massage, Sauna, Steam room, Maze, Relaxing Cabins - free, Lockers, Free condoms & lube
Top Gay Cruise Club & Gym

XL Club gay sauna in Taipei offers a combination of serving alcohol in a gym. This gay sauna creates something unique by hosting regular live DJ events and fun themes like ‘Muscle Music’ underwear parties. Features a steam room, darkroom, private cabins, 3 play-rooms, maze, lounge bar, gym, tanning salon and a roof terrace for nude sunbathing. XL gay sauna & cruise club attracts age 25 to 40+ gym fit local guys, open daily from 10 am to 2 am (some weekends open until 4 am).

Crowd: The venue is popular with you 20 – 40 crowd, especially with local muscle guys. Clothing is optional throughout the venue and a rooftop terrace is a great place for nude sunbathing. Busiest during the evening and during the theme nights.

Entry: Entry rate can change depending on age but standard pricing is 100 TWD ($3 USD).

Facilities: Bar, Karaoke, Cruise, Gym, Showers, Steam room, Solarium (machine), Sun terrace, Relaxing Cabins - free, Free WiFi, Lockers
Secret Male Cruising Place

Kawayu Spa & Sauna is an outdoor hot spring on the outskirts of Taipei city. Kawayu Spa used to be a popular gay hangout but now under new management concept has changed with outside nude baths, which are divided into male baths and female baths.

Gays looking for cruising should check out the next door Huang Chi Spa or sometimes referred to as Emperor Spa which has become gay-popular.

Facilities: Cruise, Massage, Showers, Steam room, Lockers
Taipei’s Gayborhood

Taipei’s main gay district, a little outdoor complex featuring gay bars, shops, and restaurants. The Red House building is actually a historical theatre that now hosts many cultural events including weekend markets for artists and local designers.

Search for Red House Taipei and all the gay bars are just surrounds this pretty red building. All of the bars on the ground floor have large terraces are open from 5 pm, daily. Perfect for watching the crowd passing by throughout the day and well into the night

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Live music, Dancing, Drag Show, Karaoke, Cruise, Sauna, Steam room, Maze, Music, Free WiFi
Japanese Style Sauna & Cruise

Japanese Style Gay Sauna & Cruise Club
I/O Taipei Sauna is the first Hattenba Japanese style gay sauna & cruise club. Offers weekly hot & fun themes such as Japanese bondage, Fundoshi Night, Nude KY Night and ALL men are welcome! The venue is located in the heart of Taipei with 3 story sophisticated venue modern club equipped with darkroom area, steam room and fitness. Open everyday from midday to midnight.

I/O Taipei Gay Sauna & Cruise Club
All guests will be given a small towel or choose to wear fundoshi (Japanese underwear) in the club. Hit more details here.

Crowd: The venue has all type of men. So that brings a good mix of locals & international visitors.

Entry: The venue is newly open and open daily with 100 CNY ($14 USD).

Facilities: The venue offers Underground: shower area, steam room, toilets and wash area for the bottom, spread through a large space and KTV area. 1st floor: counter area, locker area, TV lounge, and fitness. 2nd floor: room area, darkroom area, a large paved area through (Wash area contains bottom).

How to get there
Taxi: Ask for Taipei Expo Park and the nearby complex three-warm XL. It’s the main landmarks near the sauna and be sure you follow the direction below.

Metro: Take line 4 to Zhongshan Elementary School Station Exit 1 for Linsen North Road. Keep walking and counting the street on your left from Lane 3 and the venue is on Lane 49 (around 10 mins walk) close to the main road.

Facilities: Cruise, Gym, Showers, Steam room, Maze, Relaxing Cabins - free, Free WiFi, Lockers

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