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Pink Dot, Singapore’s biggest queer pride event! Let’s spill the tea on Pink Dot Singapore! This glorious annual bash is where all the fierce queens and many other folks gather to show Singapore that love knows no boundaries. It will unapologetically celebrate love, acceptance, and being your authentic self. This is quite a political event, Singapore is still fighting for equal rights and only Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are allowed to enter.

Listen up, Singapore’s gay nightlife is a weekend whirlwind of spectacularity you won’t want to miss! The heart of the action? Neil Road in Chinatown, of course! The bars are practically besties since they’re all squished together, making bar-hopping a breeze, such as Tantric Bar, Backstage Bar, Dorothy’s Bar and loads more!

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June 24, 2024 at 1:00 PM
Singapore goes fifty shades of pink during the Pink Dot festival, when thousands of people gathered for the Pink Dot parade in Hong Lim Park to celebrate being gay.

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