Gay Clubs Koh Samui

Gay Clubs Koh Samui

The island has no gay nightclubs but there are a couple of great mixed clubs. The most club popular with gay locals is Sweet Soul Nightclub, but you can also check out Sound Club and The Green Mango Club.

Most of Koh Samui’s nightlife is located in Chaweng the main resort town on the island.

Bars start to get busy from 8 pm, with people starting to move onto the clubs around midnight. After Ark Bar closes at 2 am there is usually a big boost to the crowd. Officially 2 am is Green Mango’s closing time, but the club routinely stays open until 5 am and after, if it’s busy enough.

It’s all about Chaweng for nightlife on Koh Samui and to keep things even easier most of the biggest clubs are all on one street Soi Green Mango.

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Sweet Soul Nightclub Samui
Sweet Soul Cafe is a dark and sexy dance club located opposite Green Mango. An unmissable Koh Samui dance party theme venue with an energetic and electric crowd. There are no gay nightclubs on Samui but Sweet Soul Cafe is the next best thing. This is a popular club with a mixed crowd (including a lot of gays). The club gets busy between 11 pm – 3 am. 79THB a beer before 10 pm happy hours. Sweet Soul is located in the middle of the nightlife area, central Chaweng (Cha-Weng) Beach, on Soi Green Mango opposite The Green Mango Club.

How many buckets of Long Island Ice Tea or Sangsom can you manage? It’s a great space design dance club, bar decorations and music, however, their remix may not for everyone. If you do, you won’t complete the Samui nightlife without stopping by Sweet Soul.

Music: The club plays a variety of beats, such as techno dance, house and load dance music for spinning DJs.

Crowd: The club has a mixed crowd but includes a lot of gay guys, both tourists, and local men. As it’s open until late so it’s really well known and attracts party crowds on the island.

Dress: There is no dress code for Sweet Soul Samui, think tropical island nightlife. Bring your best pulling pants and your deepest v cut vest.

Sweet Soul Cafe is located opposite The Green Mango Club on Soi Green Mango in central Chaweng Beach, the street is very famous among tourists any taxi driver or local will be able to provide directions easily.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Music
Koh Samui’s Best Nightlife
Green Mango Samui – Find all nightlife spots here! Nightlife in Koh Samui begins here at the Green Mango. It is one of Samui’s oldest nightclubs, open every night offering a typical mainstream mixed crowd party. The club is located in central Chaweng Beach, close to the island’s main nightlife. The club is on Soi Green Mango a small street (named after the club) which where you find plenty of big and small bars and clubs. Music: Green Mango’s clubs are busy with international crowds, so they play the largest mainstream pop songs from around the world. Crowd: The club is a mix of international tourists, including many Asian tourists, and a few local Thais. Dress: There is no dress code for the Green Mango here and pretty much the same as other bars, think tropical island nightlife. Bring your best flip flops and your best vest.
Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing, Music

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