Gay Bars Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a number of gay bars centered around the Night Bazaar. Two epic bars compete for the title of best cabaret shows – 6ixcret Bar and Ram Bar. Each with shows 7 nights a week. Both bars are located in the Night Bazaar area and offer a fun but early night out. There are also a number of smaller bars that offer causal spots for beer and chats.

Later in the evening, open a handful of red-light bars, Adam’s Apple leading the way with a lighthearted red light show. There are no late-night gay dance clubs in Chiang Mai, most of the action closes down shortly after midnight.

After midnight there are no exclusive gay clubs. The mixed options are: SangDee – hip gallery/nightclub, the most LGBT popular option. Spicy and Las Vegas – which are filled with backpackers. Warm Up Café – popular with the locals and students.

Nights start early and sadly end early in Chiang Mai.

Most of the bars close from midnight and after midnight there are no exclusive gay clubs. The mixed clubs start to get busy from midnight with varying closing times depending on the club’s busyness. Most start to wind down from 2 am.

Your late night club options: SangDee – hip gallery/nightclub, the most LGBT popular option. Spicy and Las Vegas – which are filled with backpackers. Warm Up Café – popular with the locals and students.

Beer is big in Thailand the main local brands are Chang, Leo and Sighna. Red Bull’s roots are also in Thailand but note the original/local version is not carbonated (no fizz or bubbles).

For something stronger, the Thai classic has to be SangSom. Confusingly it’s often sold as “Thai whiskey” but is actually rum, distilled from sugarcane. SangSom is also the main component of Thailand’s notorious “buckets of alcohol.”

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Chiang Mai’s Best Street Bars

Chiang Mai’s Silom Soi 4
Sitting along the south side of Chiang Mai’s famous Night Bazaar running a small street packed with a collection of gay bars. Now, don’t get your hopes up too high. While there is a fun collection of small bars, there are not huge crowds like you would find in Bangkok or other nightlife capitals.

As walk down Chareonprathet Lane 6 Alley, look out of the rainbow flags. Some of the best gay bars to look out for include Orion Bar, Pandee Bar, Station One, Ozeed Bar and Jacky Bar. At the eastern end of the street sits Ram Bar, one of the best and most popular drag show bars in Chiang Mai. Packed to standing room only, during the drag performances every day from 8 pm.

Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Music, Free WiFi
Red Light Performance

Twinks Gone Wild
Looking for a naughty show and the possibility of going home with a “new friend” check out Adam’s Apple Chiang Mai. Putting on gay performance with go-go dancers, exotic shows drag queens and cabaret shows nightly.

Open 7 days a week, from 9 pm, shows start at 10.30 until midnight. Free entry and drinks start from 300 THB ($10 USD). The best go-go boys in Chiang Mai or just an overpriced club, you decide.

Facilities: Bar, Go-go show, Music
Chiang Mai’s Busiest Drag Bar

One of Chiang Mai’s most popular gay drag shows. Shows start from 8 pm until 11.30 pm with the bar closing at midnight. Get there early to claim a seat, most nights it’s standing room only after 8 pm.

Ram Bar is located near the Night Bazaar at the end of Chareonprathet Soi 6 (Chiang Mai’s small gay bar street) just across the road from the hotel Anantara Chiang Mai.

Facilities: Bar, Live music, Drag Show, Free WiFi
Drag Show Extravaganza AirCon

A True Drag Extravagance!
6ixcret Bar opens 7 days a week with shows starting every night from 9:30 pm until midnight. Unlike many of Chiang Mai’s gay bars, 6ixcret leads the way with airconditioning and on most nights, there is just enough seating. Based on the performances, it’s a contender for the best drag shows in Chiang Mai along with Ram Bar, another tourist’s hotspot in Chiang Mai.

Facilities: Bar, Drag Show, Free WiFi

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