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8 Sexy Back Guys & Your Must Go InstaHoliday | Weekly Wanderlust #17

Distraction you could easily forgive the photographer

OMG! it’s been awhile since we last said it. Weekly Wanderlust this week is a little over heated (or maybe not? 😉 But don’t get distract to learn their travel advice below. Can’t wait to find out about the instagramer behind who hashtag #TheGayPassport? Go on, what’re you waiting for?

1. Unseen Argentinean’s getaway

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Sebastian from Argentina

Where to go? Tigre, Argentina 🙂
Must do when visit? What I’m doing (above) is what I recommend & also boat trip is a great way to explore the nature.
WOW! It is an amazing place to get away from the city of Buenos Aires by the rivers.

2. Definition of paradise

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JC from Cebu, Philippines

Where to go? Tabuelan in Cebu, Philippines 🙂 
Must do when visit? You must experience kite flying for more enjoyable of sightseeing and taste super fresh seafood while watching sunset.
WOW! This destination had been in my bucket list for a long time. Since Cebu is very well known for it’s white sandy beaches. So I chose this paradise to celebrate my birthday.

3. Praying for peace

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Ehrard from Pretoria, South Africa

Where to go? This is there I live (At the moment) Pretoria, South Africa. 🙂
Must do when visit? Must taste some Braai (South African barbecues), drive or hike to see big five animals during spring. Hit gay scenes at Babylon and ETC to let & loose yourself 😉
WOW! After travel for 4 years I realized this place really calms me down by stunning nature. It’s definitely the place that will make you feel like home.

4. Man bun X 3

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Matt from Melbourne, Australia

Where to go? Acadia National Park in Maine, USA. 🙂
Must do when visit? Hike the Beehive Trail (520ft) & Manset Mount (962ft), dip & swim in the natural waterholes along the trail.
WOW! Road trip with friends who wanting to see the Yosemite of the East Coast is my inspiration to visit this amazing place.

5. Embrace of the Adriatic Sea

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Erik from Melbourne, Australia

Where to go? Off the coast of Vrboska on Hvar Island, Croatia. 🙂
Must do when visit? Come & get naked on the islands of Jerolim, Stipanska & Zecevo. (PS. Nudiest welcome since 1896 😉 Visit little fishing villages & beach bars along the coast.
WOW! I love being naked and Croatia embraces this freedom in a perfect Adriatic Sea setting!

6. Hiking trail must be your bucket list

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Samir from London

Where to go? Cinque Terre in Italy 🙂
Must do when visit? Hiking, it’s totally worth the physical effort, taste the local food and wine (which is made near by) and catch the sunset on the beach in Monterossa.
WOW! We plan this road trip around to explore the coast of Italy and I love the open ocean view and steep terraces as you can see, what a breathtaking view!

7. What shower song do you think of? 😉

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Hubert from Malaysia

Where to go? Penang in Malaysia. 🙂
Must do when visit? Tasting the hawker food (simple & super yummy), Art street on Armenian Street.
WOW! When a long weekend on your calendar, it’s very convenient to catch a cruise ride up north geographic and to enjoy a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur.

8. Hike for sunrise

Follow Nick

Nick from Fort Lauderdale (Living in LA.)

Where to go? Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, California. 🙂
Must do when visit? Absolutely hiking to this top for the view from LA to Malibu. Oh! fancy a gay beach? You should hit Will Rogers Beach 😉
WOW! A Good excuses to get out of the hustle & bustle when you quite have enough of the city. It’s not far out to take the beautiful fresh air & stunning scenery.

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