Boys Are Going Nuts For These Giant Swans | Weekly Wanderlust #18

Obsession with the Giant Inflatable Swan!

Come on, you can’t deny it, these swans have been floating around for years and it seems they have been blowing up on Instagram lately, sometimes literally! Wondering where would be the best summer destinations to hit and give them a ride? Find out more about the instagramer behind the hashtag #TheGayPassport. Let’s hop in!

1. Before the fall

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Eddie & Westchester County Swan

Must do in NY? For those who love New York City! Saint Mark’s Place for some Korean food & cocktails from Boka, then smoke some hookah at Cloister Cafe, and finish your night at Phoenix Bar. Chelsea for Barracuda Bar on Saturday night and then treat yourself to some late night pizza at Artichoke Pizza (warning: huge, but delicious slice). Hell’s Kitchen for some $1 pizza on 9th Avenue and then go bar hopping! Start your night at Rise for a nice pregame, and then work your way to Vodka Soda Bottoms Up and The Ritz to finish your night.
Top three summer destinations? Los Angeles for beautiful weather & palm trees. Chill on the beach & day drink until you go out at Miami, one of the most fun, carefree destinations to visit. NYC, it’s my home and the city never sleeps, isn’t that a beautiful thing 😉

2. Don’t give up on it

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Ian & Hong Kong Swan

Must do in HK? When in Hong Kong do what Hongkonese do 😉 so first, you need to hike to hit the peak, then experience the funniest boat party in Asia is a must! Lastly, you can’t leave the city without tasting the delicious Dim-Sum. Yep, you’ve gotta do it all 🙂
Top three summer destinations? It’s hard to only pick three here. Anyway, Bangkok will definitely guaranteed the fun, EI Nido in Philippines for breathtaking & paradise islands. Finally, I AM Seoul party in South Korea, it’s an OMG party to die for 😉

3. What you need to do is… float!

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Safir & Phuket Swan

Must do in Phuket? 1- Treat yourself to a Thai massage by the sea during sunset. 2- Watching Phuket FantaSea for an entertaining of culture themes and 3- venturing Phuket’s one and only gay district, Paradise Complex in Patong Beach 😉
Top three summer destinations? I can simply shout out to these places, Bali to find yourself a calm spot & awesome party vibes. Krabi is the best place to climb (popular place to meet other gay rock climbers 😉 and Seoul for K-Pop dance anthem and nightclubs to hit until morning light.

4. Yep! carry on…floating

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Jason & Fire Island Swan

Must do in NY? First, take the Friday night trip via boat to Cherry Grove for their big weekly party and then walk back on the beach. 2nd, go to low, middle and high tea to socialize with everyone else on the island for the weekend and the last must do is, go to the beach, pool and BBQ parties to meet new other party people & make new friends 🙂
Top three summer destinations? Chicago, IL for boating on Lake Michigan and all of the great Summer Festivals. Fire Island in New York for it’s beautiful and crazy little slice of heaven and the last one is Mykonos in Greece for the amazing beaches and parties!

5. Isn’t it, swan looks good on us?

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Justin & Ubud Swan

Must do in Bali? Monkey Forest, they can and probably will climb on you! So now you are forewarned, do be careful and be prepared. I saw a man get peed on while a monkey perched himself on his shoulder! Potato-head cafe in Seminyak area could get a bit too crowded but it offers a stunning view with great ambiance of the beach for sunset. And you definitely must hit the stunning Rice fields on the cliffs. 
Top three summer destinations?
 My top 3 would be Thailand, I have more than one favorite place to go, apart from BKK, I also like Krabi. Japan for hustle & bustle of Tokyo as well as Osaka for food and as it is close to other destinations like Kyoto for the Fushimi Inari Taisha and Arashimaya for scenic beauty. San Francisco for the hippie and happy vibes where there’s also natural hub like Yosemite national park and New York, the city of lights!

6. It makes your day everywhere you go

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Kristoffer & Miyakojima Island Swan

Must do in Japan? There are awesome water activities such as scuba diving, island hopping and trekking are definitely a must! Maehama Beach has the finest sand in the coast of on Miyakojima Island, Japan.
Top three summer destinations? My first one would be Sydney for Manly beach (I know it speaks for itself) and there’s so much to see. 2nd is a tick on my bucket-list to take part in the Carnival Festival of Rio de Janeiro, who doesn’t love beaches with Brazilians anyway? 😉 Also to jump off a plane for skydiving to add more hype on the trip! The last one is I’d love to go to Reykjavic, Iceland and be rejuvenated with their geothermal spas. Lol

7. Sunshine & a giant

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Trevor & Los Angeles Swan

Must do in California? These are the hot spots you must hit for sight seeing, Beverly Hills & Hollywood. 2nd, Santa Monica Pier for the iconic & popular landmark and the last one is Malibu State Park for the breathtaking nature scenes.
Top three summer destinations? I’m a big fan of nature scene so my top three are Alaska and Swiss alps for it’s variety & density of mountains and forests. I love beaches and the impressive volcanoes in Costa Rica.

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