10 Insta Hiking Dudes Share Their Tips | Weekly Wanderlust #19

The experienced and inexperienced get together to share the most important hints & tips you need to become an expert “Hiking Dude”. Find out what you really need for the enjoyable hike and also about the instagramer behind the hashtag #TheGayPassport. Have a great hike!

1. When you reach the top, make sure to celebrate! Does it matter with or without clothing? 😉

Follow Juan Taganga – Colombia

2. Drink often to stay hydrated, trail mix & motivation. Don’t look what difficult just go and have fun with old & new friends!

Follow Ian High Junk Peak – Hong Kong

3. Live a healthy lifestyle & eat a big meal before you go.  Do you need to be (this) fit to hike? 😉

Follow Aziz Violet Hill – Hong Kong

4. Always bring a good map, an external phone charger & maybe sun cream or layers. These are the things you need!

Follow Rob Haleakala Crater in Maui – Hawaii

5. Get enough rest before doing outdoor activities. Have an open-mind and don’t stick to the norm 😛

Follow Atom Lion Rock – Hong Kong

6. Bring flashlight & warm clothes to put on after you’re done sweating. PS. leave all your cotton clothes at home 😉

Follow Cody Mount Arrowhead in Sitka – Alaska

7. Always know what time the sunsets and for more enjoyable hike plan a route that is suitable the whole group!

Follow Tyson Gros Piton – Saint Lucia

8. Walking stick or poles if heading down steep trails and did we mention water? Remember, we are visitors, don’t destroy the nature!

Follow Michalis Aletsch Glacier – Switzerland

9. You need to have the right equipment and supplies, like hiking shoes, sunglasses, sun cream & first aid.

Follow Rey Glacier Point – Yosemite National Park

10. Check if you need to get hiking permission before setting off! PS. don’t forget to take insta hiking shots 😉

Follow Mathew The Wave – Arizona, United States

Finally, you are now ready to be hiking dude!

Use #TheGayPassport on your travel pictures to get featured in the next Weekly Wanderlust!

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