Weekly Wanderlust | 10 Inspiring Travel Photos by Team Passport #6

The Most Inspiring Travel Photos #TheGayPassport

Find your holiday inspiration in our weekly column celebrating the Team Passport Community. Every week we will find ten of the best photos which used the hashtag #TheGayPassport and find out more about the Instagramers behind them. Join the fun and start sharing your travels to the Team Passport community now.

Thank you to everybody who shares their travel photos

1. Aloha

Alberto from Milan, Italy

Where is it? Photo is taken from Pill Box hike, Oahu Island in Hawaii. Don’t miss out on some hiking and Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand is the one you must go for gay nightlife, it has a nice balcony and Bacchus on Lewers St. for something different.
Why are you here? I was here for my vacation. I’m happy to be back here again & again.
Who are you with? I was here with my boyfriend and other couples of friends.
What camera & filter? Using Canan 70D with real color and no filters.

2. Spirit Pyramid Power

Jorgan from Miami, Florida

Where is it? Photo is taken from Palm Spring in California. Check out Hunters Nightclub for gay nightlife in downtown.
Why are you here? I was here to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday.
Who are you with? I was here with these guys for a fun time.
What camera & filter? Using Instagram filters for this shot, it goes well with the pyramid 😉

3. The Most Photographed Waterfall

Michal from Los Angeles

Where is it? Photo is taken from Skogafoss in Iceland. It’s one of the most photographed waterfalls and this is the one you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Iceland.
Why are you here? I love adventure and so this is my adventure holiday trip.
Who are you with? I was here with a friend @thaddesign who took this awesome photo.
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone photo editing with no filters.

4. Deep Breath Into The Deep Blue

Felipe from Miami

Where is it? Photo is taken from North Shore in Hawaii. Dolphin & Shark diving is a must! also exploring beautiful tropical beaches.
Why are you here? I love outdoor activities and I was here on vacation.
Who are you with? I was here by myself. However, Hula’s Bar is the place to meet new people and every Saturday is a gay booze cruise, so don’t miss that box.
What camera & filter? Using an iPhone with no filters other than saturation & exposure.

5. Catching The Sunset Waves

Joey from Netherlands

Where is it? Photo is taken from Siargao Island in the Philippines. The island is great and surfing is a must! I had so much fun 🙂
Why are you here? I was traveling through the Philippines on my holiday.
Who are you with? I was here with my best mate @sanderspreeuwenberg.
What camera & filter? Using Sony and GoPro 4 black throughout my whole trip.

6. Wilderness of Nature

Ben & Jamie from Adelaide, Australia

Where is it? Photo was taken from the top of the Vogel cable car in Triglav National Park, Slovenia. It’s a ski resort during winter that’s turning into a hiking area during summer. We recommend Klub Tiffany, Klub Monokel & Sax Pub for gay nightlife.
Why are you here? The country has such a big wilderness area, so exploring the forest & mountains is a must! Kayak on the beautiful lake Bohinj at lower altitude is also pretty cool!
Who are you with? We’re traveling together as a couple and Slovenia is an accessible, friendly & stunningly beautiful nature. 
What camera & filter? Using Sony NEX-3 and iPhone 5S, balancing the shadow & light on Instagram.

7. Resting Up The Hike

Yuri from Belgium

Where is it? Photo is taken from Merano in South Tyrol, Italy and hiking is definitely a must while you’re here!
Why are you here? I love food, so I was here for food & beautiful nature for our holiday.
Who are you with? I was here with my husband @drieshenau.
What camera & filter? Using Nikon with no filters.

8. Chasing The Sun

Steve from California

Where is it? Photo is taken from Petra in Jordan. Don’t miss out visiting Wadi Rum & Jerash for old & stunning Greco – Roman Architecture and 50+ SPF sun cream is a must!
Why are you here? I was here on my holiday.
Who are you with? I was here with a bunch of friends.
What camera & filter? Using my Samsung Galaxy S7 with no filters.

9. Like Brothers Like Family

Lipe from Ibiza, Spain

Where is it? Photo is taken from Jinka in Ethiopia, Africa. The country is great for mountains & nature. Visiting the unique African Tribes such as Hammer Tribe & Mursi Tribe is a must!
Why are you here? Ethiopia had always been a dream for me and I really enjoyed the visit.
Who are you with? I was there as a solo wanderlust and met new friends along the way who took this amazing photo.
What camera & filter? I’m a Nikon lover and this is taken by Nikon D700 with no filters.

10. Rome Pride 2016

Shanden from Michigan, USA

Where is it? Photo is taken during Rome Pride 2016 in Italy. Rome has great parties such as Muccassina, also gay street has a couple of cool bars next to the Colosseum and Coming Out is the place to grab a seat.
Why are you here? I was here for the pride, having drinks with friends next to one of the most iconic landmarks in the world was awesome!
Who are you with? I met with other friends at the pride.
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone 6 and edited the photos with Instagram tools.

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