Weekly Wanderlust | 10 Inspiring Travel Photos by Team Passport #5

The Most Inspiring Travel Photos #TheGayPassport

Find your holiday inspiration in our weekly column celebrating the Team Passport Community. Every week we will find ten of the best photos which used the hashtag #TheGayPassport and find out more about the Instagramers behind them. Join the fun and start sharing your travels to the Team Passport community now.

Thank you to everybody who shares their travel photos

1. My New Best Friend

Celio from Brazil

Where is it? The Photo is taken from Betty’s Bay, Cape Town in South Africa. Don’t miss hiking up Table Mountain & seeing penguins in Betty’s Bay. Cape Town has a huge selection of bars and The Beefcakes is the one to visit
Why are you here? I was out for a fun trip visiting a new country every 3 months
Who are you with? I’m a solo traveler
What camera & filter? Using Nikon d5100 with no filters

2. When Boys Are Out & About

Matt from Brisbane, Australia

Where is it? Photo is taken from Park City in Utah, USA. There are a few gay bars in Salt Lake City, don’t forget to check them out as there is 0 gay bars in Park City
Why are you here? I was on my holiday
Who are you with? I was here with my boyfriend @taylorfielding
What camera & filter? Using iPhone and Valencia as a filter for this one

3. The Cutest Berlin Jump

Benjamin from Malaga, Spain

Where is it? Photo is taken from Brandenburg Gate, Berlin in Germany. It’s an awesome city to visit and you shouldn’t miss partying at SchwuZ for your night out in Berlin
Why are you here? I went there for my second time this year during my Erasmus in Prague
Who are you with? I was here with friends
What camera & filter? Using a Canon camera with no filters

4. Epic Ocean Views

Thadeus from Los Angeles

Where is it? Photo is taken from Vestmannaeyjar in the southern coast of Iceland. Hiking along the breathtaking fjords and epic waterfalls are definitely a must!
Why are you here? Adventure trip on my vacation
Who are you with? I was here with my adventure brother @michalgregus who took this photo
What camera & filter? Using an iPhone with no filters other than saturation & exposure

5. Man-Made Beach

Mark from the Philippines

Where is it? Photo is taken from Tanjong Beach Club (TBC.) in Singapore for good bars & the best music. Check out Tantric, Taboo & DYMK for gay nightlife and of course! Man-Made Beach Sentosa Island
Why are you here? It was a friend’s birthday celebration and I work here as a fitness coach
Who are you with? I was with many friends
What camera & filter? Using canon camera and IG filters

6. Stunning Purple Land

Yannis from Greece (Living in Dubai)

Where is it? Photo was taken from Vezelay, Burgundy in France. Don’t miss Houlgate, it’s a place for beautiful sea views & medieval architecture
Why are you here? I was on a road trip around the North of France
Who are you with? I was here with my partner who takes this photograph 
What camera & filter? Using Canon G7X and editing by Fotor App

7. Birthplace Of Western Civilization

Jeremy from the Philippines

Where is it? Photo is taken from the village of Oia, Santorini in Greece and sailing over the Aegean Sea by traditional wooden Gulet is a sure way to enjoy the island exploration. Check out the gay-friendly bar at Tropical Bar Fira Santorini
Why are you here? I was on my European holiday trip
Who are you with? I was here with my mom and we met up with two friends @carelle_goddess & @rrherrera
What camera & filter? Using Canon D6 with circular polarizer with no filters

8. Las Vegas’s Crowd & Sound

Jason from West Hollywood California

Where is it? Photo is taken from Matinee Party in Las Vegas in Nevada. The La Leche party and Water Park are the must-do while you’re here
Why are you here? I was here for the event as a photographer
Who are you with? I was here with friends and co-workers
What camera & filter? Using a Canon 5D camera with a little contrast

9. Taj Mahal Photobomb

Patrick from USA (Living in South Korea)

Where is it? Photo is taken from Agra, India. A personal recommendation for a must-do thing is to visit Udaipur for history and it’s a charming place
Why are you here? I was on vacation and stayed in a hostel in New Delhi
Who are you with? I was there as a solo wanderlust
What camera & filter? Using Samsung Galaxy

10. Secret Space & Low Clouds

Dedik from Bali, Indonesia

Where is it? Photo is taken from Desa Pinggan, Bali in Indonesia. Check out Bali Joe and more other gay nightlife here and don’t miss Kuta Beach for stunning sunset
Why are you here? I live here and it’s very convenient to all must-visit attractions
Who are you with? I was here with my friends
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone 5S and IG filters

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