This is a more stylish, modern take on the capsule hotel, with cozy wood-paneled capsules and warm, friendly decor. The capsules are slightly larger than usual, and each comes with a TV, a pair of headphones, and outlets. The on-site onsen spa is lovely, with an artificial hot spring, a sauna, and a full range of toiletries. There's a free breakfast as well as free tea, coffee, and miso soup throughout the day, and manga fans will enjoy the comic selection. The hotel is just two minutes from Shinjuku station, which connects you to the whole city, and about 5 minutes from Ni-chome.

Why We Love It

♥ Cozy and spacious capsules
♥ On-site onsen
♥ Free breakfast coffee tea and soup
♥ A couple of minutes from Tokyo's largest station

More Deals.

♥ Tasteful and modern minimalist design
♥ Simple relaxing rooms
♥ Cool cafe bar
♥ Extensive manga collection

♥ Modern well-designed rooms
♥ Cast-enabled TV
♥ Fresh and tasty breakfast buffet
♥ Great location for nightlife and food

♥ Free breakfast
♥ Free onsen facilities
♥ Friendly English-speaking staff
♥ Walking distance to Ni-chome

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