Gay Bar Tokyo


Gay Bar Tokyo

Shinjuku Ni-Chome is the center of gay Tokyo, in fact, this neighborhood has the highest concentration of gay bars, clubs and saunas of any city in the world. Don’t expect super clubs here, Ni-Chome is packed with over 300 small individual bars catering to target groups, known in Japanese as Kei. There is something for every desire, bars for heavy guys, transvestites, men who want spanked, hairy men, guys over 70 and of course twinks & young guys.

Like all of Tokyo space is a premium and many of these niche bars have space for only 15 guys max. With capacity so low, diversity suffers. Most bars welcome non-Japanese guests, however as space fills up guests who do not fit the target group may be refused entry or asked to leave.

The most popular gay bars in Ni Chome are Dragon Men and Arty Farty. For clubbing and dancing the ArcH, The Annex and AiSOTOPE Lounge are the most popular choices.

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Dragon MEN Gay Bar Tokyo – Cheap Happy Hour & Foreigner Crowd
This foreigner-favorite gay bar is located in the heart of Ni-chome and it is a great spot for cheap happy hour from 6 – 8 pm, every night. Dragon MEN offers both outdoor and indoor seating.

Music: Dragon MEN Bar plays current hits and some old international pops to entertain your fun night out.

Crowd: Dragon MEN Tokyo is popular with expats and international visitors. You will always have a chance to meet trendy local friends here.

Dress: Nightlife in Shinjuku Ni-chome is a pretty casual street. Shirt and jeans or t-shirt is absolutely fine. Note Dragon MEN and many bars in Shinjuku-ku allow entrance with flip flops (thongs), so come prepared.


Facilities: Bar, Live music, Dancing

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