11 Guys that Prove Instagram’s Hottest New Trend!

Instagram’s Hottest Trend of the moment. #Undiesoutrestroom

Keeping up with the latest trend on Instagram is difficult, we know. But this one is easy and very very hot! #Undiesoutrestroom!! It’s simple, just get your kit off in a public bathroom. Take a photo of your undies. Done! The results are fantastic! Follow @undiesoutrestroom for the full image count.

1. It looks hot in a locker room

2. Or in a public restroom

3. Even sexier on the plane!

4. After sport

5. Or on your lunch break


6. It still looks great

7. You can take it twice

8. Or as a pair

9. But who cares

10. because it’s only a trend and will be forgotten in a week

11. So what are you waiting for?

Which number is your favorite?

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