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21 reasons why you need to visit Asia’s Biggest Gay Party

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21 reasons why you need to visit Asia’s Biggest Gay Party – gCircuit Song Kran 9 Bangkok!

gCircuit Songkran is Asia’s biggest annual gay circuit party with 20,000+ gay men partying like crazy in Bangkok, Asia’s Gay Capital. The huge dance party takes place in April over the Thai holiday of Songkran. The 2020 party takes place on 10-13th of April. This years party will be the 14th gCircuit Song Kran and hopefully one of the largest!

1. Because there are so many hot Boys!!

Hot Boys gcircuit

2. And they put on an amazing performance

3. With unbelievable lighting

4. And world-class DJs who play dance music like

5. Anything which takes 6 months of planning must be worth it!

6. Because there are two Huge Gay Pool Parties.

gCircet Pool Boy Party

7. A Bears Pool Party & A Boys Pool Party!

8. And did we mention the Boys look like this – Abs Abs Abs !

9. gCircet takes place during the Thai national holiday of Songkran. The water festival is celebrated with the worlds largest water fight.
elephant songkran


10. Because the fan-made videos look this good

12. Because the boys come in groups from everywhere.

13. Did we mention THE BOYS!

14. And after 3 parties you realise there are still 2 more!

gCircuit Sean Cody 

14. Because this is Song Kran 9’s Prelude Promo videos (This isn’t even the full promo video).

15. Did we mention there are 13,000 boys!

16. Who wear tiny shorts

17. Even the Charity Boys look soo hot – Suck F*#k Test Repeat

18. And so do the Drag Queens

19. And of course the Models.

20. Because the 2014 recap looked this amazing

21. And once it’s all over you can rest here.

Gay Thai Beach

Tickets for gCircuit Song Kran 9 are available now. Party Starts April 10th – 12th. Don’t Miss Out!

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