Best Ways to Earn Extra Travel Cash With Your Partner

In this economy, you and your partner shouldn’t limit yourself to two income streams, especially if you love to travel to exotic and expensive locations. To lead the lifestyle you want, you will have to diversify your cash flow by taking up multiple side jobs.
Fortunately, there are a number of ideas with high earning potential that gay couples can opt for. As the creator economy continues to thrive in terms of being more inclusive, you and your significant other have more options on the table. It’s only a matter of picking additional income streams you’re comfortable with and offering a high payout to fund your next adventure. Get started with this list.

1. Start a gay podcast

Podcasting is a liberating means to share knowledge and spread awareness. Over the past years, platforms like YouTube and Spotify have been welcoming LGBTQ+ podcasters who would like to share their thoughts on serious issues affecting inclusiveness and more personal topics on coming out and being in toxic relationships.

Your podcast could also offer helpful advice for gay travelers. Alongside travel vlogging, a travel podcast will surely catch on, especially if it aims to educate others toward a safer and more exciting journey. 

Apart from the opportunity to join the conversation on LGBTQ+ experiences, podcasting could also fill your pockets with revenue from brand sponsorships. As you build your following, you could then set up a membership structure that allows users to listen to exclusive content for a monthly fee.

2. Open an OnlyFans account

Only Fans is more than just a platform for showing off your skin. It’s also a great way for gay couples to express and celebrate their sexuality and, at the same time, build a loyal fan base. Just look at the best gay OnlyFans accounts and you might as well get in on the action with your partner. You don’t have to do anything sexual, but if you are comfortable with going down on each other in front of a webcam, then you might as well do it to satisfy your wanderlust.

To be successful on OnlyFans, be creative with the content you put out. Don’t just settle for conversations. Give your audience something to look forward to on their next visit. Create teaser videos you can upload on sites like Reddit and Twitter. 

In case you want a larger payout, you and your partner could open yourselves up to special requests from high-paying fans. These could range from harmless fetishes to more hardcore acts, so be sure to pick which requests your partner is okay with.

3. Open up a specialty store

If you’re working two full-time jobs with limited income growth, you might as well try your hand at setting up an online store with your partner. As the LGBTQ+ movement continues to intensify, we are starting to see more queer and trans-owned businesses taking the spotlight. Use this as your inspiration to build a business that caters to the issues you and your partner hold dear. 

A good start is to set up an online shop that sells products and services to the LGBTQ+ community. If you have graphic design skills, use them to create t-shirts that celebrate pride. Another good idea is to establish your own wedding planning service that targets same-sex couples. You can also sell products and services to customers who identify as allies of the movement. These ideas would give you a valuable opportunity to share your passion and earn from doing so.

4. Look for passive income sources

Other extra income sources listed here require time and energy to pull off.  However, when it comes to preparing for unexpected life events such as an accident on the way to Tuscany or a surprise trip to Singapore, you need another source to act as a hedge against uncertainty. You and your partner should consider passive income options.

When buying stocks, work together in coming up with the best possible choices. Being on the same page helps you avoid conflicts in case the investment decisions you have made fall short of your goals. Aside from stocks, you can also talk about buying a property together or leasing out another living space to an eager tenant. 

You could also accept AirBnB renters if you live in a large metro like New York City or Los Angeles. Make sure to discuss your options thoroughly and employ an investment adviser who can walk you through the best vehicles for passive income.

There’s more you can do with your partner to earn extra for your future goals. All you need is a desire to= become financially independent and the courage to try out new things.

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