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8 Gifts Gay Men Actually Want but Wouldn’t Say So

If you’re seeking a gift guide for the gay guide, you’ve just found it. There are so many ways to surprise a special someone in a distinctive, memorable way. Even the guys who seem to have everything would be happy to get certain kinds of presents.

So, if you want to put together an amazing surprise without having to ask for preferences, here are a couple of suggestions that most men will definitely fall in love with.

Kitchen Gadgets

Unless a guy is very into cooking, they probably would never tell you that a kitchen gadget is something that they’d enjoy.

Appliance and small kitchen machines, however, come in so many shapes and sizes that there’d definitely be at least one excellent pick for a gay guy you love and appreciate.

Make your choice among coffee machines, blenders, waffle makers, kitchen robots and juicers, to name a few. It’s important to pick an item in line with their lifestyle. Someone who is into fitness and health would most definitely enjoy being given a blender or a juicer.

A Gay Vacation

Vacation and holiday packages have become quite diversified. Some products are specially tailored to the needs of members of the LGBT community.

LGBT-inclusive tourist destinations are not a new thing. Still, many gay people haven’t experienced such vacations due to the lack of awareness.

If you have a very special gay man in your life, consider gifting them with a trip. It doesn’t have to be an abroad or expensive vacation. Many domestic agencies put together such travel products. If you opt for a gay vacation or resort, make sure you’ve done your research in advance. Pick the destination carefully and check out the activities planned as a part of the vacation program. These should correspond to your friend’s personality and preferences.

Gay Gift Boxes

When in doubt, you can always turn to a gift box. And yes, gay gift boxes are an actual thing.

These may seem like too generic of an option at first but gay gift boxes are a perfect gift that gives someone you love variety. You can come across many themed options that ensure access to products within a certain category.

From erotic items to beachwear and even pride items, gay gift boxes can be a really nice surprise. Again – quality is important. This is why you need to do your research and make sure that the respective gift box you’re interested in will ensure access to premium items.


Lube is obviously one of the biggest and most important perquisites to amazing gay sex. Today, the market offers so many options. From water-based to oil-based, from tingling to heating gels – you can discover so many possibilities.

You can definitely gift someone lube if you know them well and you’re close to them. In other words, if someone is open enough about their sex life, you can definitely go ahead and give them some naughty gifts. People don’t usually ask for such items but everyone enjoys high-quality accessories and products aimed at making the experience better.

It may be a good idea to inquire about preferences and needs before buying stuff. When it comes to lube, every gay guy has their distinctive idea. Going ahead to just buy something could mean that the tube will remain unopened in some drawer until it eventually expires.

Sex Toys (Traditional or High Tech)

Speaking of sexy items, there are so many sex toys on the market that can make solo sex or gay sex mind-blowing.

Take some time to research the possibilities. You can choose among various items – anal masturbators, prostate massagers, hollow strap-ons, vibrators. Each one of these is meant to deliver a very specific and distinctive experience. A prostate massager, for example, is an excellent tool to stimulate the P-spot in a way that traditional sex cannot.

Toys for couples are even more appropriate if you’re getting a gift for a couple. Surprising two gay guys for a special occasion with such a gadget will definitely be a great idea they’ll enjoy thoroughly.

Swimwear and Cute Underwear

Everybody needs stunning undergarments and beachwear items. All you have to do is make sure you’re confident in knowing your friend’s size.

Swimwear and cute underwear will always come in handy. There isn’t a single gay guy (or straight guy for that matter) who can claim they have more than enough.

Body Groomer

A high quality, modern body groomer can be an excellent choice for gay guys out there.

It’s a somewhat safe but very practical gift that a special someone would enjoy. If you’re looking for such an item, make sure that it has a number of interchangeable heads and settings. These will allow the use of the machine on various body parts, ensuring excellent results every single time.

Dating Website Subscription

Here’s a perfect non-tangible gift for those single gay friends.

Membership in dating websites can often be quite expensive. As a result, single guys wouldn’t even want to test out the respective app. If you’d like to help a friend find that special someone, a membership could be a good idea. Once again, you will have to do your research.

LGBT-friendly or LGBT-exclusive dating apps aren’t created equal. Some offer much better vetting and opportunities than others. if you’re not gay and you’re unaware of the differences, a bit of research will always be required. Alternatively, ask some gay friends for input.

These are just a few suggestions and you can easily come up with many other ideas by knowing a person well. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive or too out there. Personalization is the number one key to making someone you love happy. Take your time and put effort into the process. These two steps will ensure a gift that will definitely be enjoyed and appreciated.

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