Pink Season Gay Event Festival and Gay Pride Hong Kong 2

Pink Season Hong Kong | Asia’s Premier LGBT Festival

Celebration Festive! 10 Events, 1 Purpose | 30 Sep. to 5 Nov. 2016.

Pink Season Hong Kong, Asia’s largest LGBT festival that celebrates openness and acceptance. The event is all about awareness through an exciting program of entertainment, adventure programs, sport, arts and education. The annual event was founded in 2000 by Pink Alliance, a non-profit organisation that aims to facilitate cooperation and unity in the LGBTI community. The Pink Season Hong Kong Opening Party will begin on the 30 Sep. 2016 for five weeks of joy with more than you can expect such as;

Sunday Brunch on the 2nd Oct.
Quiz Night on the 12th Oct.
Sport Day on the 15th Oct.
Floatilla (Boat Party) on the 16th Oct.
Camping Weekend & Mr. Gay Hong Kong on the 22nd Oct.
Including, Rainbow Connection on the 25th Oct.
Ghost Party on the 29th Oct. (Halloween Party)
Outdoor Cinema on the 3rd Nov.
Closing Pink Season ceremony on the 5th Nov.

Let’s get together and celebrate our community while visiting the city of lights and gay Hong Kong.

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