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Weekly Wanderlust | 10 Inspiring Travel Photos by Team Passport #2

The Most Inspiring Travel Photos #TheGayPassport

The Gay Passport’s weekly column celebrating the Team Passport Community. Every week we will find ten of the best photos which used the hashtag #TheGayPassport and find out more about the Instagramers behind them. Join the fun and start sharing your travels to the Team Passport community now.

Thank you to everybody who shares their travel photos using #TheGayPassport.

1. Stunning sunset in Phi Phi

Vini from Brazil

Where is it? The Photo is taken from Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Why are you here? I was on 6 months traveling to Asia and South Africa
Who are you with? Exploring the world with my boyfriend
What camera & filter? Love using IG filters

2. Best skinny dip location

Thad from California

Where is it? Photo is taken from a hot spring in Owens Valley, California
Why are you here? I went skinny dipping here during a weekend
Who are you with? I’m blessed to have my adventure buddies
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone, it does all the works

3. Magnificent Northern Lights

RJ from Singapore

Where is it? Photo is taken from Yellowknife, Canada
Why are you here? During my spring break as I’m doing an exchange in New York
Who are you with? I was here with my friends who I met in NYC
What camera & filter? Using Camera+ and “Lofi” as the filter

4. Just chilling away

David from Barcelona

Where is it? Photo is taken from Puka Beach, Boracay, Philippines
Why are you here? I was on holiday celebrating my PhD
Who are you with? My family and I
What camera & filter? Using iPhone 6, that’s the magic trick

5. Climb the Wank

Charl from South Africa

Where is it? Photo is taken from the Alps, Wank in Germany
Why are you here? Wandering around day outing from Munich
Who are you with? My friends and I
What camera & filter? Using “Nikon camera” with no filter

6. Monument Valley

Adam from Melbourne, Australia

Where is it? Photo was taken from Monument Valley, USA
Why are you here? I was on holiday
Who are you with? On my own but meeting new people on the tour, very nice
What camera & filter? Using “GoPro hero 3+”

7. Halong Bay

Michael from the USA

Where is it? Photo is taken from Halong Bay, Vietnam
Why are you here? I’m backpacking through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos
Who are you with? I’m a solo traveler always looking for new friends, maybe travel BF
What camera & filter? I use GoPro hero 3+, Photo Editor, or IG filters

8. Selfie with fishes

Mikey from the Philippines

Where is it? Photo is taken from Cebu, Philippines
Why are you here? I was on a weekend getaway
Who are you with? I was with my fiance’
What camera & filter? Using Snapseed only by adjusting the contrast & saturation

9. Come and go like Clouds

RJ from Kuala Lumpur

Where is it? Photo is taken from Broga Hill, not far from Kuala Lumpur
Why are you here? I was exploring the forest as I love nature very much
Who are you with? With my close friends
What camera & filter? Using GoPro hero 3 and then edit with Snapseed on iPhone 6s

10. Dreaming in Paradise

Tom from Taiwan

Where is it? Photo is taken from Four Seasons Maui, Hawaii
Why are you here? I was celebrating our second wedding anniversary
Who are you with? With my husband, we actually got married here
What camera & filter? Using iPhone 6 and IG filters to spice up the color

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