Best 5 Gay honeymoon destinations 2020

It has finally happened! You have finally married your partner, and you didn’t know that everything could go this good. The wedding was stressful, but now you two will be together forever. How should you celebrate the fact that you are now officially married? In a second, you’ll learn what are the best gay honeymoon destinations in 2020. Let’s go!


Paris has long been considered a city of love. Although many people who come to Paris from different continents are often somewhat disappointed, it doesn’t mean that there is no variety of attractions for all the newcomers, both straight and gay. You and your partner will quickly discover that apart from beautiful sculptures of naked people, museums full of art spanning every style imaginable, and Eiffel Tower, there is a lot of noise, tourists, and it kind of smells in here. 

Why then, is it a perfect honeymoon destination? Just as is the case with real love, in Paris, you will find amazing views, disappointments, but also something that keeps the tourists coming, despite all its deficiencies. It could be an excellent lesson for a later stage of your relationship, when you no longer lust for each other with the same intensity.


If you want to experience something different, then you could go to Tokyo instead. Japanese culture is weird, there’s no way around this, but if you feel that there is too much normalcy in your life, then Tokyo has a lot to offer. You will find a lot of LGBT-friendly hotels, from which you can start your explorations of various anime-infected districts. 

You will have a chance to try meals with names that you cannot pronounce, but it won’t matter one tiny bit. And Tokyo’s nightlife is incredible. No matter how drunk you get, it isn’t likely that you’ve been abducted by aliens – you just have somehow managed to break into the dakimakura shop. If it’s just not enough for you, you could visit instead.


If you love tulips, canals, and you think that our world could be slightly more magical than it currently is, then you should go to Amsterdam. There is a Pride Parade in a canal – just don’t fall into the water from the excitement!

If you want to have some fun, then visiting a Red Light District is a no-brainer, though you should keep your wallet in a not-so-obvious place. It is unlikely that you will encounter any signs of aggression, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any thieves in there.

Want something more laid-back? There are 75 museums in Amsterdam, take your pick, and expand your mind! If you want to make it an extra exceptional experience, you could smoke some weed before. I promise you, the art of Van Gogh will become even more breath-taking! Just don’t touch your ears.


If your idea of a perfect honeymoon consists of dancing to energetic music and resting on sunny beaches, then Ibiza would be a smart pick. If your body really needs vitamin D, you will find plenty of sunlight here. People don’t come here to just lay around – if you enjoy being active, you are likely to find a lot of similar-minded people. On top of that, Ibiza has always been a traditionally LGBT-friendly place. It doesn’t matter whether your partner is male or female – you will feel the euphoria fill your bodies while you dance to the music. Just remember to drink enough water – a mix of alcohol, intense heat, and dancing could otherwise be dangerous. 


Although Iceland won’t be a perfect honeymoon destination for everyone, if you don’t mind the cold weather, you won’t regret making this choice. You will have a chance to walk on a terrain that looks like it came from another planet. If you would rather stay inside the city, you will discover that people are very friendly, and they won’t care about your sexual orientation one tiny bit. It’s not surprising, as it is the Iceland that had a first openly-gay head of state. If you realize that the cold starts bothering you a bit, you’ll have an ideal excuse to cuddle with your partner! If it’s not enough, Iceland is littered with geysers – you could visit a local spa, and relax in the warmth, if only for a bit!

The essential element

It isn’t very likely that choosing your honeymoon destination will be a quick process. There are so many countries that you’d love to visit, and unfortunately, you can’t choose them all. No matter where you will decide to go, remember that the most important element of an unforgettable honeymoon is your partner. Sure, beautiful hotels, museums, and warm beaches are excellent additions, but you’ll be happy anywhere, as long as your loved one is right next to you.

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