7 Hottest Thai Guys of Instagram

7 Hottest Thai Guys of Instagram

Here we have collected the 7 hottest Thai Instagram accounts around. Each individual is so different but all are so HOT. In no particular order we have:

  • The Personal Trainer
  • The Porn Star
  • The Drag Queen
  • The Photographer
  • The Teacher
  • The Sailor
  • The Dancer

The Personal Trainer – 77,000 Followers

@Fassai fills our news streams with impressive gym pics, his incredible flexibility, food porn (which we don’t believe he can eat and still look this that) and sweet photos of his clients as they workout. Fassai works as the head coach at FitJunctions Bangkok.

The Porn Star – 21,000 Followers

Hot and ready @MBKK_blackpower3 is not afraid to post some revealing images from home and work. To the excitement of hos followers he has been perfect his twerking and sharing his new skills.  MBKK_blackpower3 works with in the adult film industry based in Bangkok.

The Drag Queen – 1,500 Followers

Fun, Fabulous, Contemporary and Arty – Panginaheals offers a fresh take on Thailand’s Typical Drag Queen Scene.

While @Panginaheals IG followers may make her look small, she commands a large force onFacebook and receives many views on YouTube. Panginaheals is Thailand’s First waacking drag queen and also works as a dancer/choreographer and event coordinator. She can be found every Sunday hosting at Maggie Choo’s infamous gay night in Silom, Bangkok. 

The Photographer – 200,000 Followers

@Haruehun_airry is a world class mens photographer who photographsy of Thailands hottest models and celebers. He fills our feeds with sneak peeks behind the scenes of the glamerous shoots and shares the finished magazine covers and features.

The Teacher – 38,000 Followers

The teacher or the cute one, @D_Rawat shares some of the sweetest images from his work where he teaches children how to dance and then some the hotter photos from his frequent holidays away. If there is one photo @D_Rawat is best at its walking along the beach wearing tiny speedos.

The Sailor – 77,000 Followers

@darkgod_rote is  for any guys who like a man in uniform. This Sailour posts are filled with selfie in the Thailand’s tight uniforms.

The Dancer – 52,000 Followers

This must be one of Thailand’s cutest dancers, @loft_ixe. He shares everything from his latest choreography, music video appearance to more sexy gym pics.