Ecomama is an eco-conscious hotel offering both dorm and private rooms in a range of sizes and styles. From the “El Cheapo” dorm room (featuring admittedly sparse decor) to the Shabby Cabin (a bohemian option that essentially translates to a mattress on the floor), the hotel is not afraid to cater to tight budgets, and is refreshingly honest about their offerings. If you are looking for a bit more, there are two different levels of a dorm room (each with their own benefits) as well as super-comfy doubles.

As the name implies, Ecomama prides itself in being green. This is reflected in their choice of furniture and materials as well as in their heating, water, and waste management systems. This makes Ecomama a great choice if you care about sustainable travel and enjoy supporting eco-conscious businesses.

The vibe is very much not a party hostel, but still very friendly. The hotel organizes regular outings and tours for their guests, and the communal area is perfect for meeting people. Other lovely touches include regular movie nights (hosted in Ecomama’s very own teepee) and bi-weekly family-style dinners where guests are invited to cook and share food together.

The location is slightly east of the usual tourist area of Amsterdam, which has its benefits. It’s an extremely quiet area, close to the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. However, it’s not actually far from the action: the red light district is just 15 minutes away on foot, and the rest of Amsterdam is easily accessible by tram, bus, or bike.

Why We Love It

♥ Friendly, relaxed vibe – easy to meet people and make friends
♥ Eco-conscious and honest
♥ Just far enough from central Amsterdam to be quiet, but close enough to enjoy it all

More Deals.

♥ Excellent location for nightlife and sightseeing
♥ Awesome party hostel vibe
♥ Perfect private options, comfortable, and clean dorm rooms

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