First-Timers Guide to Mykonos Gay Beach | First Timer Guide Interview

Want to add more excitement to your Mykonos beach adventure? Let us help you out with some awesome insights from four guys who have explored the best gay beaches and hotspots on the island. From thrilling activities to must-visit places and amazing company, these guys have got it all covered. Get ready to be amazed by their experiences and get inspired to make unforgettable memories. These guys are simply amazing, and here’s why.

1. Gay Beach Mykonos is hyped up like crazy, did you really love it?

Mykonos is the place I love the most in this world. It’s impossible not to love. The atmosphere is contagious. The architecture and colors are fantastic making the ugly and the crooked look beautiful even when they are not. I only sleep from 5 am to 11 am because the island doesn’t sleep at night. It was going to be my eighth time in a row but it looks like it will stay for 2021. See 7 years back-to-back to Mykonos by Felipe & Allan here.

2. Did you try any nude beaches?

The first time I tried a nudist beach and got naked was in 2019 with my love. It was a very good experience that we intend to repeat many times. I was always ashamed. The best beaches aren’t gay nor nudist. According to Tripadvisor, Fokos is 1, Agios Sostis is 2. In a way, I prefer Agios Sostis, but you certainly won’t find it in any gay guide. However, I will emphasize the two preferred by gays:

1. Elia Beach (nudist beach) is a long beach and they have a lot of structures and restaurants. To go to the gay Elia, you should keep walking right. By the end of the beach, you will be at gay Elia. Usually used to be nuder than now. Nowadays to check the nude part you need to pass the end of the beach, and walk for less than 5 minutes, through the rocks, then you will see the real nude beach.

Sandy’s part usually gets crowded early. But the rocks are nice to stay, to swim OR to have fun if it is your point. There’s also a beach called Lia which is another quiet beach. What you’re after is Elia Beach.

2. Super Paradise Beach (Jackie O Beach) is a reasonably small beach. Point of the straights plus a lot of music and alcohol. A few years ago, they made a gay club on the right side of Super Paradise Beach. It’s Jackie O Beach. It has one of the most renowned restaurants on the island and a free use pool. You don’t have to pay to go to Jackie O Beach and use the pool. Not even to check out the drag show that happens every day when the sun goes down and I strongly recommend it.

I will mention the 5 main Beach Clubs of Mykonos: Nammos @Psarou Beach, Principote @Panormos Beach (it was my favorite beach before this Beach Club), Scorpios @Paraga Beach (elected as one of the best in the world), SantAnna @Paraga Beach, and Alemagou @Ftelia Beach.

3. Best bars and clubs on the island, what’s the best time to head out?

The best place to go out at night after hanging out through the center (Chora) is Jackie O Bar (don’t confuse it with Jackie O Beach). Jackie O starts to get crowded around 12:30 am. and every hour has a drag show. This gay famous venue has a small bar with 2 floors is full of people of all ages been squeezed for some space and maybe some kisses.

Leaving Jackie O and walking to the left, you find the little church and alleys close to the water that serve as a stage for lots of slutty, sex, and voyeurs. Internationally known as the Mykonos Church. What I have seen happening is impossible to describe. Even from the venue’s roof, entering the back street and jumping over the wall, people usually get ready for some action when the famous church is very crowded. It goes with the taste and curiosity of each one. Regardless of your fire, the tip is always the same: Take care of your health.

Aside from Jackie O, the island has other gay bars like PORTA. This one starts earlier than Jackie O, so you can do a pre-warm there (and it is very close, about 3 minutes walking). Besides this, it still has Studio 54 and Babylon Bar. The latter is practically an extension of Jackie O. It is right next door but it is just Jackie O that gets crowded.

4. Where are the best after-parties?

I have never been to an after-party but usually, the best ones happen in your room or in those narrow streets of Mykonos.

Top Gay Mykonos Beach Hotels Trip highlight
5. Where did you stay and would you stay there again? How do you choose your hotel?

The best hotels are undoubtedly as close to Chora as possible. Though you cannot even park inside Chora because there are no streets. Probably closer to Chora, the higher the price you will have to pay. If your hotel has a view and an infinity pool, you can now start already preparing your coins.

My best hotel tip in Mykonos when you travel alone is Jason Hotel. I always book by email with Maria at [email protected]. I used to pay around 70 euros/night in a single room in high season. It has a minibar, a swimming pool and is very well maintained, with a supermarket nearby (that is very very cheap). You can try sending an email and mentioning my name, maybe it is your lucky day.

A tip to get good hotels and pay just a little is to book the day before. There are huge offers and I have already changed hotels 3 times on the same trip. However, I do not recommend this due to the enormous work. I always had to tie my hand luggage to my quad, do the check-out and check in. All of this is pretty boring because it breaks your day.

That last time I went there with my boyfriend and stayed at the Portes Mykonos Hotel. It also had a swimming pool, an excellent room breakfast and coincidentally it was close to Jason Hotel, and Glastros is about 7 minutes driving from Chora and has very attractive prices and good hotels.

6. How does it compare as Mykonos isn’t a cheap island?

It depends on what you are looking for. Here you can find higher prices at the beach, true, but the whole atmosphere embraces you with less beauty than other Greek islands but with tons of fun, liberty, and lack of rules.

7. Any tips for a Mykonos virgin?

Have a lot of sunblocks, condoms, do not forget to take your PREP and have lots of fun!!

8. Weekdays or Weekends?

Save AT LEAST 3 full days to Mykonos. 10 days would be great. LOL

Go during weekdays or weekends generally are pretty much the same. You can find more people coming on Friday and leaving on Sunday or Monday morning. Do not think that you could only find gay people if you go during Mykonos’s best gay festival time like XLSIOR, that is not true at all. I just have gone to that festival once and it was the time I like the less.

9. What do you say, would you go back?

every FUCKING year!

Mykonos is perfect Gay honeymoon combination of beaches and parties
1. Why do you think Mykonos is one of the most glamorous of the Greek islands?

You can’t get through a summer without seeing your Instagram feed flooded with gorgeous people partying on the stunning island of Mykonos. So the summer of 2017 was our first time touching down on “The islands of the winds” and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

2. What’s your favorite club/bar of Gay Mykonos?

1st on our list was the famous Jackie O Beach Club. We enjoyed a fabulous meal in the restaurant slipping rose wine and watching the club getting busier. Once the sun starts to set over the club is when the real fun starts, the famous drag queen @priscilla_drag puts on a show you won’t forget and people party the night away with the iconic Jackie O flag blowing in the wind.

3. What’s the easiest way to get around the island? Where did you start and end your day?

Taxis are hard to come by in Mykonos. We downloaded Aegean Taxi App which was definitely the quickest and easiest way to get around. We chilled and relaxed at Scorpios Beach Club in the day before heading back to the hotel to get ready before heading to Elysium Hotel to watch the most incredible sunsets followed by their famous drag show. After this, you can walk into Mykonos town to party until the early hours at Jackie O, Babylon, and Lola Bar.

4. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

We are all about the day parties but the bars definitely stay open late. When we saw the sun coming up we knew it was time to leave.

5. How would you rate Mykonos vs other beach destinations? What’s your top tip for a cheap night out?

Mykonos definitely isn’t cheap. Depending on how many people you are with we found buying bottles of spirits in the bars tended to work out cheaper, but be prepared to leave your holiday with quite a hefty chunk missing from your wallet.

6. Did you visit Santorini or Athens during your Mykonos visit?

We have been in July and in August. Both months were busy and the vibe on the island is amazing. Never have we seen even a cloud in the sky. We hired a boat for the day once to watch the sunset which was incredible. It also included bottomless drinks and a gorgeous meal, considering how expensive Mykonos is, this was definitely great value for money.

You can also catch a ferry direct over to Santorini which we have done both times. The first time we got engaged and the second was on our minimoon and it’s absolutely picture perfect and the ideal place to escape the party scene of Mykonos.

7. Be honest, would you go back?

1000% but we would do 3/4 nights in Mykonos then head to one of the other islands to relax but maybe that’s just our age haha.

1. Where to spend your days and how did you make the most of it?

Mykonos is a small island but there’s plenty to do. If you’re a fashionista you could spend your time in the winding streets of Mykonos town discovering global fashion brands or locals. If you’re a sailor you might want to charter a boat to sail around the island.

I loved to spend my days on the beach trying new beach clubs where possible. One of my favorite beach clubs is Scorpios. It’s super chic, with a sexy crowd and the vibe is quintessential Mykonos. Elia is the “gay beach” the service on the beach is not great but it’s a cute scene complete with cruising on the rocky shore away from sunbathers.

2. What’s your favorite bar? Is it easy to get around the island?

The best bar hands down is Jackie O on Super Paradise Beach. You’ll see the whole of the island hit this hot spot up to lounge on the beach during the day and dance poolside to the beat at sundown.

To get around I recommend renting an ATV. It takes some getting used to, but I found it’s the easiest most convenient way of getting around with twisting roads and steep hills. You can get around via taxi but during peak season it’s tough and expensive.

3. Mykonos is an expensive destination, why is it worth it?

Mykonos has been my favorite European beach destination. It’s expensive but you’re paying for an experience. It’s a scene and a vibe, unlike any other place.

4. Any hotel booking tips would you share?

Every time I’ve gone I’ve stayed somewhere different either close to the town or close to the beaches on the south side of the island. I recommend either of those locations since most of the parties are close to the beaches.

5. Tip for a Mykonos virgin

Get your international driver’s permit before you go so you can rent an ATV. Rent your ATV as far in advance as possible. Explore as many beach clubs as you can.

6. Coming from the USA is a long way, what’s the best itinerary to follow? Where did you fly into)?

I’ve flown to Mykonos via other European countries before/or after. If you’re American planning on extending your trip and hit up another country/city. At a minimum, you need a week in Mykonos. The weekdays and weekends blend together as it’s a vacation destination. During that time most Europeans are on holiday.

7. The guys above would go back for more, how about you?

Yes. I’ve been 3 times. Planning to go back next year.

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