All the Tea on XLSIOR Mykonos

Embark on a journey to XLSIOR Mykonos, a premier gay festival that merges sophistication with revelry against the backdrop of the stunning Aegean Sea. In this article, experienced travelers and circuit-party pros from England, Australia, and Austria unveil the exclusive events, captivating ambiance, and insider info that define XLSIOR, offering a glimpse into the allure of this unparalleled celebration.

XLSIOR from the Shore

Best XLSIOR Mykonos Gay Party Update a und c
Best Gay Party XLSIOR Mykonos a und c

Andi and Chris, Austria

1. It looks like all the Instagram royals attend, is our Insta-envy justified.

The first time we went to XLSIOR Mykonos was in the year 2010. Back then it wasn’t that crowded and big. Now, since we had been already 3 times there, we can say, that it got massive and 1000 LGBT people are coming to this event.

Yes, all the Insta-Stars and starlets are there. It’s like a huge “Hollywood-Oscar” event. The who is who from the gay scene is showing off their richness and their muscled perfect bodies. This creates on this island a very special and posh vibe. Seen or not be seen, that’s the question. If you travel there, you wanna be part of this event with all that you have. It sounds great. To be honest, it isn’t that good as it looks. Prices are really far from reality and they are insane. Hotels are fully booked and you can be really lucky, to get a priceless and nice room somewhere. If you wanna be in the center of attention, then you need to stay at the Elysium Hotel. It’s just an ordinary and very overpriced hotel for LGBT. The standard rooms are having a very bad design and are very used. But, it’s a place to be.

The pictures of the sunset at this hotel or hotels nearby are stunning and real. The beauty of the island is a treasure and really unique. If you wanna discover the beauty of the island, then don’t go during the event. It’s too much and overcrowded. The hype is created and it’s a big artificial blow. Lots of young gays can’t afford this vacation.

The service isn’t good enough for that amount of people. They even don’t have regular toilets. You need to use Dixi-Plastic-Toilets. But you pay a lot for the party tickets. Only VIP guests have nice hygienic washrooms.

2. Describe XLSIOR in 3 words.

“Hollywood-Bowle”, sunset, posh.

3. Is it comparable to other circuit parties?

We have been all over the world so far and we have seen lots of gay events. Mykonos is far away from very relaxing fun. You always have the pressure to do diet or run to the gym. You can’t enjoy most probably a second drink, because either it’s horribly expensive or you think too much about your “body fat”. Parties in Tel AvivBarcelona, or Madrid are better organized and the price-performance ratio is fairer.

Besides these very long queues in Mykonos in front of the entrances, you always need to drive home after the parties. Lots of guys take their motorbikes and lots of accidents are happening. If you wanna hook up a guy and bring him to your hotel, it’s a challenge not to lose him during the ride home.

4. What are some must-do daytime activities?

You should spend your day at the JackieO Bar on Super Paradise beach. Very nice venue with lots of cool people and drag queen shows at night. It’s the place to be seen. If you make it down the very rocky road, a really gay paradise appears. You will love it. The beach is very crowded and the bar with the pool is busy all day. The Restaurant is very stylish and the food is delicious. But take your big wallet with the golden credit card with you. 🙂

5. Did you visit other gay locations outside XLSIOR?

Yes, we did. There are some gay bars near the harbor. During XLSIOR they are quite busy and nice. It’s nothing spectacular but for hooking up guys it’s cool and easier there. The cruising area is right around the corner if you feel up for quick uncomplicated fun.

6. Any tips for the best gay-popular hotels? 

We stayed two times at the Elysium Hotel and one time we had an apartment directly in the center of Mykonos Town. There are really nice hotels and super stylish ones. If you have the money, then you should try to see other nice hotels.

7. Spill all the best after-parties.

We never do afterparties. But we know from our friends, that there are a lot of nice after-parties at some villas. You can find all that you like if you get invitations and of course if you are hot enough. There is no time limit for parties. If you don’t wanna sleep, you can do that. Going to the maximum isn’t a problem at all there. You will find a lot of things to wake you up if you feel tired.

8. What should XLSIOR Virgins know?

If you want to go, book your hotel early. No need to stay in the center of attention like at the Elysium Hotel. Try to share a Villa with your friends. Book your Motorbike in advance and book your Personal Trainer now, that you will look perfect there. Save some money and plan even your outfits before. You don’t wanna mess it up. To show off is a must.

9. Would you go back?

We decided to go in the next years again. But not for the whole week. We might stay two nights there, make one good party and then go to another island like Santorini or even Athens. Or you could go at the end of the festival and stay there for another week. One week full of temptations, nice party locations, and less sleep isn’t anymore what we are looking for. We wanna enjoy everything. Hopping from one party to another and hooking up 100 guys isn’t our goal.

Make your own experience. XLSIOR and Mykonos are definitely different from what you might have seen before. 🙂

XLSIOR in Luxe

Most Popular Gay Party in Europe XLSIOR Mykonos
Rooftop Pool Party XLSIOR Mykonos

Lexus, Australia

1. Is it really like what you see in the photos? 

Yes! The sparkling waters, whitewashed walls, and rugged charm of Mykonos make it Insta-worthy alone. Now, add to the mix, thousands of gay men descending on the island, ready for a week of zero inhibitions. Even if you’re not there for the party, you will be able to feel the constant buzz of excitement, happiness, and sexual tension in the air!

2. Describe XLSIOR in 3 words.

Sun-soaked, exhilarating, euphoric

3. What makes XLSIOR stand out from other circuit parties?

You know, all circuit parties have this fixed formula: renowned DJs, amazing sound systems, hot dancers, and then, a defining factor that sets them apart from each other. For XLSIOR, that was the location of the events. All the parties were set against the most breath-taking backdrops, they were all outdoors in the open-air overlooking the Aegean Sea. I remember arriving at each party and my first thought was “Wow, this place is so beautiful” and then “Ok, let’s party!”.

4. Top tips, no pun intended, and the deal with nude beaches? 

A little tip, fly into Mykonos a few days before the party so you can squeeze in your sightseeing! I didn’t think about this when I went so I had pretty jam-packed days and probably not enough rest (I literally slept for a week after the whole thing)!

Regarding the nude beaches (nervous laugh), yes I did check out the one at Elia Beach. But hear me out, we were there for the opening night party on Elia Beach and I honestly didn’t know it was there. My friend and I had arrived early to watch the sunset and we decided to take a walk. After a distance, we noticed that all the men were completely stark naked and a little while after that, we had stumbled into all the “action” (if you get my drift).

5. Did you visit other gay locations outside XLSIOR?

I dropped into the two most popular ones, Jackie’ O Bar and Babylon Bar. 100% yes, they are definitely worth going to. You know, a lot of gay men come to Mykonos over the XLSIOR week without actually going to all or even any of the parties. For my next time, I definitely will carve out more time to hit the bars. It’s a little more chill, you can actually meet and talk to guys (without the stereos pounding in your ear) which is kind of half the fun of traveling, isn’t it?

6. Where did you stay? 

I stayed at the Myconian Kyma. It was a super-luxe hotel with first-class service. At regular intervals throughout the day, a staff member goes around and hands out gourmet ice cream to all the sun-bathers by the pool. Food was excellent and the spa with its thalassotherapy pools was the perfect place to recover from a long night of partying!

7. Were you a churchgoer

Haha, churchgoer, I like that term. To be honest, I didn’t make it to any after parties because they start at 7 in the morning and I think they go through to about midday. Also, if you are not tired after partying till the sun rises, kudos to you! I think maybe because it was my first time to Mykonos and I wanted to use the days to check out the island. But on my next trip, maybe I’ll go ahead and check one out!

(the infamous cruising outdoor area around the Church of Panagia Paraportiani)

8. What should XLSIOR Virgins know?

Firstly, I definitely recommend getting the VIP pass. I know it’s a little more expensive but you do get a separate area at the parties which do offer some breathing room (which you will appreciate when you are pressed up in a sea of people) and you also have a separate bar with smaller queues. The best part about VIP was the complimentary water and fresh fruit, which can be absolute lifesavers. My friends who got general passes had to queue up to buy water whereas I could just walk into the VIP area and pick up a bottle. You don’t realize how hot it can actually get, so it’s important to constantly stay hydrated!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to travel there alone. Everyone at XLSIOR was super open and friendly. They’re all there for a good time so you’ll make friends in no time. And honestly, some of my favorite memories from the trip were having these big group dinners, yacht trips, and villa parties with people I had just met that week. Maybe you won’t necessarily keep in touch with all of them after you leave, but it’s still nice to have made that connection at the moment.

9. How about you, would you go back?

I would definitely go back! Aside from the party, Mykonos is this beautiful, vibrant island that I would visit again and again for years to come. If you’re planning to go, hit me up on Instagram @ohmygoshlexus!

XLSIOR and Chill

Gay Mykonos XLSIOR Pool Party adrienkute

Adrien, England

1. Is XLSIOR really worth the hype? 

I personally go to Mykonos during the festival which is at the end of August, the reason being. The party is fun with good music and it’s an easy way to catch up with friends from all around the world.

It is my favorite destination so I would say yes, it has everything I personally look for a good holiday. The island itself, a nice beach with long chairs, amazing restaurants, and bars, beautiful hotels, and good customer service.

2. Describe XLSIOR in 3 words.

Friendly, fun, euphoria.

3. How does XLSIOR compare to other circuit parties?

I have never been to Barcelona Circuit nor Tel Aviv pride so I can’t really judge. I did hear from people who have been to those places that Mykonos is more expensive, to be fair I have seen the price increase over the past 5 years.

4. Any nearby places that are worth going to? 

Elia Beach and Jackie O beach bar are the best spots to see gays and friends which is why I would probably be at one of the other 75% of my stay. They both have nice restaurants nearby and Jackie O beach bar is always fun even more around 6 pm when music and drag shows start to kick in.

The beach club near Spilia “Agia Anna Beach” was my favorite, it’s quiet, not overly expensive for food and long chair, the staff was friendly. There is a masseur who is really good too and finally, Spilia restaurant is next door and that’s my second favorite place there.

5. How about other tourist hotspots?

180º Sunset Bar, this has the best view and it is getting quite busy so I would recommend booking in advance but the sunset there is beautiful. SantAnna Beach Club is also a nice place for a relaxing afternoon with food and a comfortable couch / long chair.

6. Where did you stay?

Central. I have stayed in the same hotel for the past three years called Aeolos Hotel. I love the location, the rooms are new and the staff is super friendly and always checking if you need anything. You don’t want to be in the village coz it’s packed and parking and walking are painful.

7. What are your favorite parties?

I usually go to 3 – 4 parties max, which are the Beach Party, the WE Party, the main and Sandia. All the others are fun too. I just have my preference for those. After-parties usually go around 8 – 9 am. I usually leave at 6 am to avoid traffic and I need my sleep.

8. What do you wanna say to XLSIOR virgins?

Bracelet if you want to do lots of parties, don’t go to the party too late to avoid the queue, be friendly and like everyone else and you’ll have the best time.

9. Will you be back?

Been back for 5 years. I have booked everything for this year again, will see what happens.


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