6 Days in Myanmar by Max Emerson | Yangon, Bagan & Mandalay by Luxe River Cruise


6 Day Myanmar Inspiration Itinerary. Yangon to the countryside by Luxe River Cruise. Exploring temples, nature and unique culture by Max Emerson with original photos + videos. Myanmar, stunning Buddhist temples, exceptionally preserved traditional ways of life, and untouched nature all combine to make this one of Asia’s most exciting travel destinations. If you want […]

9 Grindr Rules SE Asia Edition | Community Opinion 


“My Grindr date took me to a Muslim Wedding in KL!” It’s the end of a long day’s travel. You’re lying in your hostel bed. Your roommates rustle through their rucksacks and make small talk. The lights go off. It’s pitch black, save for the small orange glow of your phone screen. It vibrates. New […]