6 Funny Videos by Bangkok’s Craziest Drag Queen

Queer as F#*k

Queer as F#*k is a funny documentary present by one of the sharpest and wittiest Drag Queens around, Pangina Heal aka Pan Pan Narkprasert.

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Show Description
Welcome to Queer as F#*k! I’m Pangina Heals, the most fabulous drag queen in the Kingdom of Thailand. I am a gay man who likes to dress up as a woman. That’s why we’re known as drag queens. And this is my show. It’s called “Queer as F#*k” because I’m queer as F#*k- and if you don’t like you can F#*k yourself!

Episode 1 – Buns and Guns (Above)

Episode 2 – Trailblazing Transgenders

On this episode of Queer As F#*k, Pangina visits Apple Model Management modeling agency. Recently Apple created the first transgender division in Thailand and perhaps the world. We went backstage to check out their first photo shoot for LIPS magazine and chat with the pioneering ladies who are breaking the industry’s glass ceiling.

Episode 3 – Clubbing and Climbing

On this episode of Queer as F#*k, everybody’s host with the most – Pangina Heals – scales new heights on a rock climbing wall, then shows everybody how to party at Bangkok’s hottest underground bar, Maggie Choo’s.

Episode 4 – Pan Pan goes to Hell

On this episode of Queer as F#*k, the fiercest drag queen in Thailand descends into the depths of Buddhist Hell at the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden.

Episode 5 – Buffalo Ballin’

On this episode of Queer As F#*k, Pangina takes us to a buffalo sanctuary in the outskirts of Bangkok. Her mission: to mount and ride one of these mighty beasts whilst in drag.

Episode 6 – Pangina drops SEX and GENDER knowledge on your ass

On this last episode of QAF, Pagina takes over the classroom to school us on some of the fundamentals of sex and gender. What’s the difference between a transgender and transsexual? Do drag queens WANT to cut off their penises? And why should you NEVER use the term ‘ladyboy’ unless you yourself are a ladyboy? Worry not Mr. and Mrs. Straight, Pangina knows all and after watching this video so will you!

 T Battle

Pangina is currently on a 3-month reality show T Battle for Thai Dragqueens.
Watch the show here at – www.maxlive.tv

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