Your Guide to Gay Phuket

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Gay Phuket

Gay Phuket combines tropical white sandy beaches with intense nightlife. Phuket is one of Thailand’s largest cities and tourist spots as such it has one of the biggest and most active gay communities around. Patong is the largest town on Phuket and home to most of the nightlife both gay and straight. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, roughly the same size as Singapore, and it’s linked to mainland Thailand by a bridge. The island is located on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Gay Phuket’s Bars and Clubs

Phuket has a lively gay scene with most of it is located in the west coast town of Patong. Paradise Complex makes up the centre of gay Phuket with most of the bars and clubs located along Exit Road. Patong is home to most of the island’s straight nightlife as well.

Most of Phuket’s Gay Bars don’t get busy until 10pm-11pm while the gay clubs get busy after midnight.

Gay Hotels and Gay friendly hotels

If you are looking to party hard on Gay Phuket then we recommend staying in Patong. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation take a look at resorts on the surrounding beaches to Patong.

Patong has a good selection of accommodation to suit all budgets. Hotels within Paradise Complex center of gay town (walking distance) or Patong Town (taxi distance).

Phuket Gay Beach

Phuket has no official gay beach. Many gay tourists spend the day at the beaches of their own resort spread out across the island and only venture to Patong in the evening. Patong being the capital of Gay Phuket offers the gayest unofficial beach around. Patong beach is 3.5km long with the gayest section of the beach is front of La Flora Resort Patong, naturally this resort is close to Paradise Complex the gay nightclub area.

The beach bars around La Flora Resort Patong usually fly rainbow flags making them easier to find however don’t expect any day time party, these venues offer chilled beers on beach with deck chairs available for rent.

Phuket Gay Pride 2016 runs from the 24th April until the 01st of May. All the funds raised from the pride are distributed to various LGBT & HIV/AIDS charities or initiatives focused on Phuket. The Pride is all you would expect from pride taking place in a tropical holiday destination. It’s colourful, eccentric, naked, toned, and a little bit sleazy.  There are plenty ripped hot guys on floats parading around town.

Phuket first celebrated Gay Pride in 1999 but the event has come a long way since those timid times. Today the event attracts travelers from all over the world especially the neighboring Asian countries (think HK, Singapore, Malaysia). These tourists come to enjoy a week of organised activities, amazing parties, parades and ridiculous costumes and characters.

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