June 2018

Shanghai Gay Pride

Shanghai PRIDE | The Biggest Gay Pride in China

Shanghai, China: 8 - 18 Jun. 2018
Shanghai steps into summer in June! How does joining China's first and only LGBT Pride event which takes place in the city center of Shanghai sound to you and WHEN should you plan it?
Circuit Festival Asia

Circuit Festival Asia | Gay Dance Festival Weekend Getaway

Pattaya, Thailand: 15 - 17 Jun. 2018
Did you know? Together WHITE PARTY BANGKOK & S2O teamed up with the World's biggest international gay event CIRCUIT FESTIVAL BARCELONA for 4 massive parties! Save the date or you will be regret!

July 2018

Dwayne Instagram Influencer Pink Dot Singapore LGBT Event

Pink Dot 2018 | Singapore’s Most Dedicated LGBT Event of the...

Singapore: 21 Jul. 2018
Save the Date! Show your support the freedom to love for Gay Singapore. See the video above how Singapore speaks for LGBT and to find out more WHY foreigners are not allowed to take part, see inside

August 2018

I AM Gay Seoul Gay Circuit Festival Some Sevit South Korea

I AM Seoul 2018 | Korea’s Hottest Gay Circuit Festival

Seoul, Korea: 10 - 12 Aug. 2018
Full Schedule for the BIGGEST K Circuit Music Festival is featuring Korean's style party themes plus pool party. The nights are going to be long and surely you're going to love it till the end. Click to see more inside and see you in Seoul!