The Most Inspiring Travel Photos #TheGayPassport

Find your holiday inspiration in our weekly column celebrating the Team Passport Community. Every week we will find ten of the best photos which used the hashtag #TheGayPassport and find out more about the instagramer behind them. Join the fun and start sharing your travels the Team Passport community now.

Thank you to everybody who shares their travel photos

1. Dramatic Hiking Scenery

Kenn from Calgary, Canada

Where is it? The Photo is taken from Kananaskis, Alberta in Canada
Why are you here? I was hiking after my day of work, pretty convenient locaiton for this
Who are you with? I was on my own
What camera & filter? Using Nikon d7000 with a few filters

2. 6 Months Honeymooners

David from London

Where is it? Photo is taken from San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama
Why are you here? We got married in Dec. Last year and this is our honeymoon trip
Who are you with? Just a two of us @gavin8or Our 6 months trip around Latin America
What camera & filter? Using my very tired iPhone 5S and Snapseed

3. Tel Aviv Hits Hard

🐳🌊smashed me 🌊🐳

A post shared by David Pártl (@davidakcz) on

David from Praque, Czech Republic

Where is it? Photo is taken from Tel Aviv, Israel
Why are you here? I was on 1 week beach holiday
Who are you with? I was here with my good friend
What camera & filter? Using iPhone 6 and Instagram filters

4. Turtle Island & The Love Ones

Kevin from Cebu, Philippines

Where is it? Photo is taken from Turtle Island in Philippines
Why are you here? It was my weekend getaway
Who are you with? I was here with my boyfriend and a friend, just a three of us 😉
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone and then Google Snapseed

5. Figure 8 Pools, So Cool!

Ken from Sydney, Australia

Where is it? Photo is taken from Figure 8 Pools, NSW in Australia
Why are you here? I live in Sydney and this is a mini adventure as it’s close to where I live
Who are you with? I was with a friend of mine @meowdisonchase
What camera & filter? Using VSCO cam to play with the lights

6. Floating Along The Ocean

brighter days ahead

A post shared by Frank (@wheresfranky) on

Franky from Philippines

Where is it? Photo was taken from Boracay Island, Philippines
Why are you here? It was during my summer break
Who are you with? I was here with my friends
What camera & filter? Using iPhone and GoPro with VSCO cam for filters

7. Canadian Slopes Are The Best

Brandon from British Columbia, Canada

Where is it? Photo is taken from Whistler in BC, Canada
Why are you here? It was our weekend trip from Vancouver
Who are you with? I was with my boyfriend @cameron_mccool
What camera & filter? Using S6 Edge + Camera with no filter.

8. Hot & Cold – Thailand To Switzerland

Tack from Thailand

Where is it? Photo is taken from Oeschinensee, Switzerland
Why are you here? It was a holiday escape from the heat in Thailand
Who are you with? I was here boyfriend @7starsboy
What camera & filter? Using Samsung Galaxy S6

9. Stunning Stonehenge

After years of being my desktop wallpaper I finally saw it in the flesh! 😱

A post shared by w a d e j o n e s 🇦🇺 (@wadejonesofficial) on

Wade from Queensland, Australia

Where is it? Photo is taken from Stonehenge, England
Why are you here? I’m now exploring Europe for a few months
Who are you with? I’m a solo wanderlust
What camera & filter? Using GoPro in most of my trip

10. Amazing Thailand & Our Lovely Friend

Love at first sight 🙇🏼🐘❤️

A post shared by CWANS (@cwans) on

Chris from Toronto, Canada

Where is it? Photo is taken from Elephant Jungle Sunctuary in Chinag Mai, Thailand
Why are you here? I came to gay circuit party (gCircuit) in Bangkok and this is my after party
Who are you with? I was with another 2 friends after separating from the big group in Bangkok
What camera & filter? Using my iPhone 6S and Valencia filter

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