The Most Inspiring Travel Photos #TheGayPassport

Team Passport players are everywhere, traveling, exploring, discovering the world and all the time inspiring us with their adventures. We are so grateful to everybody who shares their travel snaps using #TheGayPassport.

Our new weekly column aims to celebrate this community. Every week we will collect 10 of the best photos and find out more about the instagramer behind them. Join the fun and start sharing your travels the Team Passport community now.

1. Life is Good

Yeah, life is good! #vacation #france #cannes #beach #champagne #sun #ocean #palmtrees #blue #vagabond

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Karl from Norway

Where is it? Photo was taken from Cannes, France
Why are you here? Holiday, to enjoy the sun, stunning and peaceful beach
Who are you with? My friend, during his poker tournament
What camera & filter? iPhone, using filter “Clearity” and an app “Camera+”

2. Me and Gerry

Charl from South Africa

Where is it? The Photo is taken from Caracal Lodge, South Africa
Why are you here? Escape New Year parties to spent it in quiet outdoors
Who are you with? My boyfriend and I in a secluded luxury cottage with no electricity
What camera & filter? Samsung phone, using brightness and contrast setting

3. Paradise on Earth, Phi Phi

Vini from Brazil

Where is it? Photo was taken from a very iconic beach Maya Bay, Thailand
Why are you here? 6 months backpacking trip to Asia, Africa and South America
Who are you with? Traveling with my boyfriend and making friends along the way
What camera & filter? iPhone 6, Gopro hero 4 and using auto setting

4. This Time for Africa

Matthew from New York, America

Where is it? Photo was taken from Antelope Park, Africa
Why are you here? I’m backpacking around the world for 3 years.
Who are you with? Traveling by myself to enjoy meeting new local friends
What camera & filter? Canon 70d camera and I only post “no filter” pictures

5. Waiting for a Brand New Day

The sun is gone now, I'm waiting for a new day come #sunset #phuket #thegaypassport #instagay

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Ida from Bangkok, Thailand

Where is it? Photo was taken from Phuket, Thailand
Why are you here? Holiday, cruising and soaking the sun over the ocean
Who are you with? My friends and I are cruising by private yacht
What camera & filter? iPhone 6, using self timer shot and IG filters

6. Maldives, Beach Lover’s Paradise

Rudy from Los Angeles

Where is it? Photo was taken in the Maldives
Why are you here? During my holiday
Who are you with? Traveling with my boyfriend
What camera & filter? Using an app called “Camera+” on iPhone 6

7. Exploring an Alien Landscape

Thad from California

Where is it? Photo was taken from Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, California
Why are you here? To explore somewhere new while our ski trip
Who are you with? Traveling with my friends
What camera & filter? No filter other than emptying up the saturation on my iPhone

8. Simply Fun and Stunning

Glenn from Belgium

Where is it? Photo was taken from Halong Bay, Vietnam
Why are you here? 4 months backpacking to South and South East Asia
Who are you with? Traveling with my boyfriend who I proposed to a few days ago 🙂
What camera & filter? iPhone, using an app called “Camera+” and “lofi filter”, Gopro hero 3+

9. Micro Flight Over the Victoria Falls

Micro flight over Victoria Falls. @natgeotravel @bestvacations @travelandleisure

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Rosco from Manila, Philippines

Where is it? Photo was taken from Victoria Falls, Zambia
Why are you here? My holiday
Who are you with? Traveling with my friends
What camera & filter? iPhone and IG filter

10. Waiting for the Waves

Ignacio from Chile

Where is it? Photo was taken from Raglan, New Zealand
Why are you here? Vacation through NZ adventures spots and working holiday visa
Who are you with? Traveling with my good friends
What camera & filter? Gopro hero 4 is my main company and no filter but personal configuration


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