17 Creative & Simple Gay Halloween Costumes

Gay Halloween Costumes

Here is 17 easy costumes that are great for lazy (but creative) party-goers

“What is your costume this year?” If you’re still at a loss for what to be this Halloween season. Keep scrolling to see what the most popular gay halloween costumes will be this year, from Unicorn to Sia. It’s worth checking our costume inspirations out if you want to spooky-out from the crowd.

1. Ariana Grande and it also works as Bunny Ears Partying Emoji 👯‍♂️

Cutest Bunny (Gay) Emoji Costume @danielbenussi
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2. Harness, surely it’s a 2-in-1 for Halloween and for your next circuit party

Harness Circuit party halloween outfit tumblr
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3.Get out the face paint

Hot Halloween costume for male
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4. Warrior aka a cloth and spear

sexy male warrior Halloween costume
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5. Batman and Robin, that time they get to paint each other and highlight those abs

Sexy Batman and Robin male outfit
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6. Be prepared to fight with Woverine

Sexy Woverine Halloween male outfit
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7. Then there is always the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryenm.

Khaleesi Halloween Sexy Male Costume
Courtesy of frodothedodo.tumblr

8. Remember the whole point is to spend less time on it, be creative & unique.

Black & Blond Sia Halloween Outfit Idea

9. In fact, Sia has proved to be the one of most popular Halloween costume.

Sia Halloween Outfit Idea by hellogiggles
Source by billboard.com

10. Talking about Cute Matching Halloween

Boy Scout Gay Halloween Costume Idea
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11. There is no denying that rugby players rank among the sexiest athletes in the world

Super Hot Rugby Play for Halloween Costume Idea
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12. Harley Quinn, we predict it will be the most popular Halloween costume this year again!

Harley Quinn Best Gay version for Halloween deardannyx
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13. Not the most practical outfit but it will get everybody talking.

Merman and Hot guy Halloween Costume Idea @mermanjax
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14. Unicorn, a legendary creature that has been described as a beast.

Unicorn Halloween Outfit Idea
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15. Party Animal Onesies

Party Animal for Halloween This year @rhoneerojas
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16. Something traditional from Scotland

Hot guy in Kilt Traditional Scotland for Halloween
Courtesy of Pinterest

17. Classic Halloween for talented painters

Walking dead hot guys halloween
Courtesy of tumblr.com

Gay Halloween Customes! It’s so much more fun when you dress up with your bestie! Get creative with these perfect one or two-person costumes which will slay through the night. Share this with your friends who you’re going to dress up with. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.